kindness concept

Kindness is described as human conduct characterized by a friendly temperament, ethical traits, numerous displays of interest, and the act of considering other people around a person. Notably, compassion is regarded as a virtue, a value, or both in a variety of religions and cultures. Furthermore, kindness can be described as providing assistance to those in need without expecting anything in return or taking advantage of the person being assisted or profiting from the circumstance of assisting the poor. Kindness may also be described as a person’s ability to be gracious, polite, and considerate. Other acts that are associated with a kind person may include affection, warmth, gentleness, as well as care. The concept in question is about an individual’s willingness to celebrate another person’s success wholeheartedly and also gently telling other the truth with the aim of helping them in a way.

Body Paragraphs

Primarily, people perceive kindness in several ways. However, all the views have the same stance on the fact that kindness is rooted in acceptance and empathy. In fact, the most common perception of kindness is that the kind individuals are always very weak. For instance, the setting of the world today with all the daily hardships in life and poverty have made the independent people who keep more and more to themselves to be perceived as strong while the charitable whether rich or in the middle class are perceived to be dumber as well as less developed and generally weak. In fact, those with this particular line of thought and perception make reference to the phrase of survival for the fittest, which portray the individuation and egocentrism in the same besides intending that those who are in need have failed to cope with the environment and instead of helping should be let to be extinct. In their perception, those that are kind to such people are weak and may also end up being in need.

Another prominent perception of kindness is that it is physically attractive. For instance, a particular study had participants rate certain photographs of their classmates for familiarity, physical attractiveness, respect as well as liking. Then, strangers were brought in to rate the very same people in the photographs for their attractiveness. Overall, the increase in the familiarity, respect, and liking for these photographs being used in the experiment, the more the individuals in the photographs were perceived to be physically attractive. Besides, it was noted that those who had horrible characters in the classroom were rated to be less physically attractive although they were not ugly in the real sense. These results point out that the initial hardwired gut reaction to people’s appearance can be overridden and an individual may perceive another to be very attractive physically just because the person is kind. Moreover, just as the physically attractive people tend to receive more positive treatment because of their attraction, the individuals who exhibit kindness to their fellows in need are also perceived to be attractive regardless of their appearance. Human beings tend to form their perception from the impact created by another’s behavior of either kindness or arrogance. Hence, those with the perception of kindness as physically attractive are always the beneficiaries of the kind people or those who have witnessed and appreciated the kind acts done by the people.

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