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Yes, I am a loved ruler if I imagine myself as Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was a statesman and Roman general who changed the Roman Republic into the powerful Roman Empire by significantly increasing the Roman Republic’s geographic reach and introducing an imperial system. If I imagine my days as Julius Caesar, between 100 BC to forty four BC, I find the days full of transformative agendas as my rise to leadership role marks the start of a new chapter in the Roman history. My notion is at peace despite battle several wars and getting involved in Roman politics. Besides, I have made several alliances aimed at promotion peace, and my dictatorship style of rule has made it possible to transform the Roman Republic into a more powerful Roman Empire (Taylor, 1957).

Despite spending the better part of my time engaging in leadership roles, I also enjoy my social life, and I am currently in love with Calpurnia. I had previously married Pompeia, the Roma dictator Sulla’s granddaughter in 67 BC, as well as Cornelia, a nobleman’s daughter, in 84 BC (Raubitschek, 1954). I am therefore happy with my social life as well.

Additionally, my subjects are happy with me as their ruler, and they appreciate my efforts towards transforming our country. My dedication to reforming the Roman empire, as well as relieving my subjects of debts is greatly appreciated by my people (Taylor, 1957). Besides, I greatly care about the needs and views of my subjects, and that is why I have restructured the Senate by expanding its size and opening it up to provide a better representation of all Romans (Raubitschek, 1954). My desire to meet the needs of my subjects has also made me reform the Roman calendar, restructure the local government, as well as resurrect the economy of Corinth and Carthage cities, which got destroyed by my predecessors. Besides, I have granted citizenship to several foreigners, and my subjects appreciate me for that (Taylor, 1957).


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Taylor, L. (1957). The Rise of Julius Caesar. Greece And Rome, 4(01), 10-18.

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