Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes Book Review

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This Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes book review will discuss the novel’s main characters. These characters include Jonathan Lyte, Cilla Lapham, Rab Silsbee, and Dove. These characters come to life through Esther Forbes’s writing. Each character has a story to tell and their stories are compelling, as you will see in this book review. The book follows the lives of these characters, as well as some others.

Jonathan Lyte
The story begins in Boston, where young people live and work in the thriving seaport of Boston. Rab Silsbee, a typesetting apprentice, is enthralled by the young man, but he is troubled by his relationship with Cilla. Johnny, in search of a stable and happy marriage, decides to seek help from a wealthy merchant. Jonathan Lyte, a distant relative through his mother, offers his help. When Johnny tries to convince Mr. Lyte of his relationship with Cilla, he gives him a cup bearing the family crest. But the merchant accuses Johnny of stealing the cup.

During the War of 1812, American forces occupy Boston, and the Americans seize the British military supply. Johnny and Dove become friends and become effective allies. The book centers on the lives of these men, who meet in secret meetings at the Observer’s office. This information is used to fight the British, and to win the war. In addition to being an important part of the American revolution, Jonathan Lyte and Johnny Tremain have some interesting characters.

Cilla Lapham
In Cilla Lapham reviews Johnny Treman by Esther Forbes, we meet an unassuming, but dependable woman. She is loyal to Johnny despite his inconsistencies, and refuses to let him take her for granted. Cilla reassures him that he’s loved by people, even after his accident. Even though she’s a bit skeptical of Johnny’s relationship with the Lyte family, she still stays close to him and doesn’t let him overshadow her. Then when Cilla comes to visit Johnny’s home, she enlists the help of Rab. Cilla changed so much, Johnny feels confused, but she didn’t wait.

The novel also highlights the importance of freedom. It challenges both religious and secular readers to embrace freedom, which is etched in the human form. As a result, readers will be inspired to reclaim their freedoms. However, there are some flaws in the book. One of the most memorable passages from the book is “a man can stand up.” This passage is among Cilla Lapham reviews Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes

Rab Silsbee
Rab Silsbee, Johnny Tremain is a novel about a young man who finds himself in a new environment. Johnny’s life is turned upside down when his apprenticeship is terminated due to a faulty hand. After he is forced to work as a printer’s apprentice, Johnny meets the unreliable Rab, who takes him under his wing and challenges his own self-righteousness.

Rab’s courage and willingness to help others make Johnny feel a part of the revolutionary world. In turn, Johnny learns to read, become a newsboy, and become less self-conscious about his crippled hand. He also helps out with the Sons of Liberty, helps with the Boston Tea Party, and learns to ride a horse named Goblin. It is through the actions of these young men that Johnny is able to make his contribution to the Revolution.

In Dove reviews Johnny Tremain by Esther Forste, an acclaimed novelist discusses the book’s themes of courage, compassion, and self-sacrifice. “Johnny Tremain” is a classic morality tale and ode to the American founding generation, written in the afterglow of WWII. The story revolves around a silversmith apprentice named Johnny Tremain, who is all too aware of his best qualities. Unfortunately, he also bullies his fellow apprentices, a trait that ultimately cripples his life.

The story follows Johnny’s transformation from cocksure apprentice to self-possessed patriot. The reader can identify with Johnny’s naiveté about politics, but he slowly learns to be a passionate Whig after being swept up by the words and thoughts of people like Samuel Adams, Hancock, and Revere. As the story progresses, readers can’t help but feel the same feelings.

Priscilla Lapham
The climax of Johnny Tremain is the British siege of Boston, followed by the British closure of the port and the control of the city. The author avoids the cliches that can often accompany historical events, while still delivering a compelling tale of human frailty. As the story progresses, we see that Redcoats are just as human as the Boston Patriots. Though they’re eager to avoid fighting and want to return home, men like Sam Adams push the confrontation into open conflict.

Cilla is a dependable, no-nonsense friend and an ideal partner for Johnny. She’s not a pushover and constantly offers him a reality check, and she refuses to be overawed by his talent. She also helps Johnny make sense of his life and the relationships around him, while at the same time letting him know that she doesn’t have any interest in him beyond their relationship.

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