Jerry Markon addresses the proposed measure of building a wall between the South-West border of the United States and Mexico by presidential candidate Donald Trump as part of his severe immigration policy to curb illegal immigration into the United States in the article (Markon et al. np). The author gathers the perspectives of several security and immigration professionals to provide a glimpse of the repercussions of establishing the planned wall.
"Building a wall is easy, and it can be done cheaply," Donald Trump stated (Markon et al. np). Border security expert Richard Stana says “It’s extremely challenging to put a brick-and-mortar wall along the Southwest border for any number of reasons,."(Markon et al. np). Former senior border protection official, Thad Bingel stated that "Every wall can be circumvented. People can go under it, and they can go over it. . . No one should go into this with the idea that if you just build the right kind of wall, no one will get through.’’(Markon et al. np).

Part 3

A statement by Donald Trump shows how he takes the idea of building a wall along the U.S-Mexican border in a simplistic manner which is not the case. Trump does not consider the environmental aspects of erecting the wall and underestimates the cost of building the wall given that the entire border is approximately 1,954 miles. Statement by Richard Stana is a realistic view because he talks about from an informed point of view of the real cost of concrete and mortar that the proposed wall could consume. The border is so huge and wide which makes it hard for the concrete wall to be erected. Thad Bingel makes his statement from an expert point of view because he was involved in the building of border fence under George W. Bush's administration. He thinks the wall cannot prevent determined illegal immigrants from accessing the United States. The statement implies that no security is guaranteed by building the wall because people will always find a way to the U.S.

Works cited

Markon, Jerry, and Jerry Markon. "Trump Says Building A U.S.-Mexico Wall Is ‘Easy.’ But Is It Really?". Washington Post, 2015,

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