Integrity is an important factor in determining a person's credibility (Covey, 2009). It is possible to harm one's career by failing to share crucial information. People with a track record of being genuine and objective are thought to be more credible at work. A person with integrity demonstrates humility, boldness, and consistency. The cause or agenda for doing anything is referred to as intent. People who put themselves first at the expense of others are considered to lack credibility. A trustworthy individual should sincerely care about others and do the right thing. Capabilities are the capacities, abilities, and qualities that allow us to perform well. A credible person is one who has the basic style and knowledge to deliver the tasks assigned to them. Results are what one contributes to the company. Individuals who fail to achieve results lack credibility. The past, current and potential results are used to judge a person's credibility (Covey, 2009).

People may fall short in any credibility core values. Lack of humility can lead to distrust. One of the biggest mistakes leaders makes failing to have the best interests of other people at heart. This is lack of integrity, and it reflects lack of credibility.

Based on my ability and leadership experience, I am a person who is able to mobilize, engage and focus on other’s energy and commitment. I am accountable for my decisions as a leader, result oriented, analytical and a rational decision maker (Covey, 2009).

Professionally, I am a credible person. I demonstrate credibility by being assertive, owning up to my mistakes, respecting others and being loyal, meeting deadlines and avoiding exaggerated stories.


Covey, S. M. (2009). How the best leaders build trust. Leadership Now.

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