Integrated systems of network security

Integrated network security systems

Integrated network security systems are critical for safeguarding both the company's reputation and operations. Attacks on network connectivity channels are now more expensive and disruptive than in previous centuries. Yet, the architecture of the network influences how well it will adapt to the unknown. With the internet being such an integral aspect of many organizations' activities, a company's link to websites frequently exposes it to a slew of cyber vulnerabilities and threats. Company continuity and security are assured by improving unrivaled cyber-attack protection, assuring resistant security audits and firewall monitoring systems, and enforcing management solutions. Presence of IT experts in firms ensures that all insecurities connected within the network connectivity are eradicated. The experts, usually creates and then implements a modified threat management system which alleviate or eliminates all threats, and this ensures that the firm can stay online 24/7 without encountering losses. Additionally, firewalls ensure the continuity and security of a business that deals with network connectivity by allowing regulation of information flow between untrusted and trusted networks. Firewalls also ensure that a recovery plan is implemented before attack occurs, because it is always ready with preventative measures. Thus, all these ensure that a firm’s susceptibility to risk is minimal.

The domain setup

The domain setup ensures security and business continuity through making the protection of domain name a part of the firm’s security policy. Keeping registration contact and records information accurate and keeping registrant account information secure, recoverable, and private can also protect a firm domain setup. Furthermore, requesting the name of the domain to be added on registrar-lock and choosing a registrar wisely is also essential in ensuring safety of a firm’s domain setup.

The cloud emails setup

Furthermore, the cloud emails setup can ensure a firm’s continuity and security through protecting from downtime. Some of the factors that reduce email continuity are natural disasters, break-ins and fire. A firm can ensure that it keep communicating even after the server go down through ensuring availability of a website portal they can receive and send mail through, and after the server resumes all the emails are switched back to the main emailing site. This ensures that the user can search and access all their communication with clients as if the server had not gone offline.


Availability of computer servers such as application, file-domain controllers and database and web servers ensures business security and continuity. They achieve this through ensuring an effective and quickly processing of information, as well as to store large amounts of data. Their application also enables the company to recovery lost data after encountering a technological disaster on time. Servers are very important because the effect of vital data loss from hardware failure, hacking, and human error can affect the business negatively. Thus, a plan of ensuring data restoration and backup of electronic information is critical. In other words their presence ensures that the company runs smoothly. These applications can be applied in three different ways preventing and controlling a disaster from occurring, detecting the discovery of unwanted information and lastly, in restoring and correcting all the systems after occurrence of a disaster.


Desktop computers, wireless and laptops are usually used in firms to create, manage, process and communicate information. They also improve company’s continuity and security through increasing information collaboration and mobility, improving responsiveness, ensuring better accessibility to information, enhancing guest accessibility, as well as ensuring easier network expansion.

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