Infant Books Types

When shopping for infant books

Be sure to look for tactile books, such as vinyl, cloth, and board books. Look for pictures of familiar objects or babies, and stories that focus on simple routines and things that babies are familiar with. You can also find talking books that let babies repeat simple words. Whatever your child's age and stage, there are books out there to entertain them for hours.

Board books

Infant board books are a great way to introduce new words to your little one. Babies begin to say words around six months of age and experience a vocabulary explosion by the time they reach 18 months. These books are an excellent way to introduce new words and phrases in a fun and creative way. You'll want to start with the First 100 Words, which are divided into categories and include photos of each word. You can also try Goodnight Moon, which features a sweet story and introduces the alphabet to your little one.

Infant board books come in a variety of themes and types. Some are designed for babies and small children while others are intended for toddlers. Choose books that will captivate your baby's attention with bright colors and human faces. Some books also have interactive elements like sounds or music that will help your child learn new words.

Choosing a board book that your child enjoys is an excellent way to engage them in learning new concepts. Babies love the sound of words and will be captivated by a visually appealing book. A good book to buy for your baby is one that is familiar to both the parents and the child. Reading aloud to your child will help them develop their language skills and teach them rhythms, which are an essential part of reading.

When buying board books, try to choose a book that is both fun and safe. Many board books are designed to be chew-proof, which can help prevent the child from ripping them apart. You can also choose a book that is bilingual in English and Spanish. Some books are even cut in shapes of animals and feature mini lessons on each animal.


One of the best ways to introduce your child to classic literature is by reading them a book. The Baby Lit series includes four classic books that introduce children to stories from around the world. From Moby Dick to the Odyssey, these colorful books introduce children to classic characters and stories. They also help children learn the names of animals, colors, and more. These books are written in a simple but clear manner so that even the youngest readers can understand them.

Another great classic to introduce your child to classic books is Pat the Bunny. The book is perfect for the toddler stage as it has plenty of tactile stimulation and focuses on things and events that your child knows. You can also give your child a board book version of this classic story, which includes repetitive questions about different animals and colors.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is another great book for babies. It celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and contains a lot of classic baby favorites. Other classics to share with your child include Sleep Tight with the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Daddy, Papa, and Me, which features two moms.

Classical Baby is another great series to introduce your baby to classical works of art. This animated series by HBO features children discovering the works of great artists through classic picture books. It's a great way to introduce your child to important authors and stories. Classical Baby first aired on HBO Family on May 14, 2005 and has since received 4 Emmy Awards, a Peabody Award, and a Directors Guild of America Award. The show is also now being aired on HBO Max.


Indestructibles infant books are a tried-and-true series to ease a little one into storytime. They've been a favorite of parents for years. With stories that are simple, yet exciting, your little one will love the experience. With more than a dozen titles, the series has something to offer every parent.

The books are drool and chew proof, thanks to a special, nontoxic paper-like material used to make them. They can also be washed when they become dirty. Invented by Amy Pixton, these books are safe for babies and can stand up to all sorts of mishandling.

Each of the Indestructibles infant books contains bright and engaging illustrations. The book's colorful illustrations and interesting information will encourage baby's interest in learning. It's a great way to introduce him or her to the world around him or her. A variety of subjects are represented in Indestructibles books, including animals, food, cars, and people.

Designed with babies in mind, Indestructibles infant books are 100% chew proof, rip-proof, and dishwasher-safe, and designed for the way babies learn to read. Each Indestructible is printed on a special paper-like material that is non-toxic. This means it can stand up to any kind of abuse your baby may dish out. Indestructibles are also dishwasher-safe, making them a great option for new parents.

Indestructibles infant books are made to last a long time. Designed to withstand bath time and accidental spills, these books are a safe and sturdy addition to any baby's library. Many indestructibles are interactive and won't rip or tear. They're also safe to chew on, so baby can use them as a teething toy.

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