Ineffective Time Management

Marilyn's Responsibility for Efficient Operation

Marilyn is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the efficient operation of her unit in accordance with the provisions of the code of conduct and work ethics because she is the leader of one of the medical units at such a busy hospital. One of the tricky issues affecting medical care facilities around the world is ineffective time management. Due to the nature of their jobs and seeming unavoidable emergency issues, the staff usually claims to be innocent of the problem.

Overtime and Shift Extensions

Every time Marilyn performs her job, she faces the obstacle of overtime and shift extensions. The overall administration of the hospital has occasionally been complaining about this issue of time mismanagement especially when compiling and processing payment documents. To address this issue, she should engage the nurses themselves first and forward their views and perceptions about overtime to the helm administration. She uses negotiation to reach a long-lasting solution which will not leave the delicacy of the clients and patients in a mess (Mackenzie, Alec & Nickerson, 2009).

Importance of Documentation and Delegation

Documentation should be among the very first and important priorities to put every business of the unit she heads to the best side of accountability and responsibility. Delegation should be done so that the relevant authorities can take the much-needed actions to address the shortage which may befall the surgical unit. The human resource department should address the recommendation with total accountability. They should understand the work ethics which are enshrined in the labor laws of the country. The best action plan is going back to the drawing table with the employer and discuss everything behind the long working hours of the nurses and propose a work framework strategy to beat this challenge once and for all (Mackenzie, Alec & Nickerson, 2009).


Mackenzie, Alec & Nickerson. (2009). The time trap: The classic book on time management. New York: AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn, .

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