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Fitness is an essential component of daily life. It is done by fitness and the intake of balanced foods. Nonetheless, clothing has a major impact on one’s health. As a result, the number of businesses making fitness clothing has increased in recent years. The rise reflects the importance of clothing in health programs. Running is one of the most widely accessible and common forms of exercise. As a result, several businesses have spent considerable time and money on designing running shoes that meet the need for exercise. Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Rhone are some of the most well-known shoe brands.
However, shoes produced by Nike are more effective than exercising options.
The Nike brand is a better option with regards to sports apparel because it allows flexibility. The production of Nike shoes is predicated on the need to produce shoes that address the needs of diverse individuals. Therefore, users are allowed the flexibility to choose from a variety of shoes. While Adidas, Puma and Rhone produce a variety of running shoes to meet the demands of the diverse clientele, Nike stocks the largest variety of shoes that are available to consumers (Skipworth, 2013). The size ranges, price ranges and quality ranges of shoes produced by Nike, attests to the company’s commitment to flexibility. Additionally, the fact that the company commands the largest share of the market globally, reflects its ability to produce running shoes that meet the demands of different individuals. Adidas, Puma and Rhone have a smaller market share (Wyatt, n.d.). The factor is a proof that it produces running shoes that are less diverse and thus impeding flexibility.


The extensive use of technology in the production of running shoes provides one of the most iconic elements of the Nike brand. While Puma, Rhoke and Adidas use technology in the production of running shoes, Nike uses a special laser cutter technology for prototyping and digital fabrication. The use of latest technology in the production of shoes ensures that quality is embedded in the final products. Alternatively, the Flyknit technology used by the brand is environmental friendly as it is a one-piece construction (Nike, 2013). Technology that limits emissions into the atmosphere provides a reflection of the company’s commitment to the welfare of its clients. Thus, while the use of technology within the brand is intended to emphasize quality, it also serves the purpose of protecting the environment in a responsible manner.

Similarly, the 3D printing option was pioneered by the Nike brand. Companies such as Puma, Adidas, and Rhoke derived their current 3D printing initiatives from Nike brand. Given that the technology ws borrowed from Nike, the brand is the major technological powerhouse in the production of running shoes. Long before Rhoke, Adidas, and Puma had integrated extensive technology in the production of running shoes, Nike clients were already reaping the benefits of technology. Running shoes that are grounded on the latest intensive technology, such as the FlyKnit technology, tend to be more responsive to the health needs of the clients. Such shoes lead to better health outcomes.

Research and Development

Nike has a better and bigger research lab than Rhoke, Adidas and Puma. The expanse of the lab is a reflection of the company’s commitment to producing efficient running shoes in the sports apparel industry. Within the labs, scientists, athletes, engineers and designers, work collectively to produce running shoes that are not only environmentally conscious but also flexible to meet the needs of the diverse clients (Nike News, 2014). Some of the notable elements in the institution include the environmental chambers where running shoes are tested on their ability to reduce the temperature of the athletes. The motion capture lab facilitates the study of body in motion while the biomechanics segment enables the measurement of body measurement to establish congruence between the body and the shoe. Research in Nike forms a part of the company’s values. One of the 11 pillars that guide operations within the company comprises the element of innovation. By integrating innovation into the operations within the organization, the brand has made research a critical aspect of operations.

Commitment to research is a vital aspect of any manufacturing process. It prevents the manifestation of unprecedented accidents among athletes. By partnering with athletes from various fields, the company is able to determine the best designs to involve in the production of the shoes. Nike shoes ensure minimum energy expenditure. Such achievement is a direct result of the research initiatives that are undertaken within the Nike brand (Nike News, 2013). While Rhoke, Adidas and Puma are all committed to research in the development of running shoes, Nike running shoes undergo a series of lengthy tests to ensure that they reflect diverse fitness needs. The division of functions within the research lab ensures that minute segments of the shoe production process are addressed extensively. It also ensures that the running shoes meet the standard of quality that is expected of companies in the global apparel industry.

Fair Pricing

Nike running shoes are more popular than running shoes from Adidas, Puma and Rhoke because they relatively better priced given their quality. The cost of Nike shoes is slightly higher than the average reflected by the other three brands. However, given the quality of the resources that is committed to the manufacture of the shoes, the price charged for the shoes is averagely fair (Allarey, 2015). The slightly higher that are charged for Nike running shoes are drawn from the costs of research, and use of latest technology. Pricing should always reflect the quality of the product that is being sold. Nike running shoes remain the most popular option despite the slightly higher prices that charged for their acquisition. Their popularity attests to their quality in the fitness initiatives. Had they been of a poorer quality, it is likely that they would have been abandoned by their clients given the high prices. In the case of Nike, high prices are indicative of the high quality in the running shoes.


The Nike brand produces the best running shoes among its competitors. Despite the emphasis that is placed on quality in the Puma, Adidas and Rhoke brands, Nike’s commitment to the values of innovation and client oriented services provides a major boost to the quality of the running shoes that it produces. Some of the advantages that Nike running shoes has over shoes from companies such as Puma, Adidas and Rhoke include flexibility, technological advancement, research-inspired modelling and fair pricing. Using the Nike running shoes provides one with comfortability, less energy-drain and improved performance. The popularity of Nike running shoes, compared to shoes from the other brands, reflects the company’s commitment to quality.


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