Importance of Social Issues

Social issues continue to be a problem that affects our culture today. This is generally due to reasons that vary from personal social concerns to the root of opposing beliefs that arise on the basis of what is perceived to be a morally just social order or personal existence. Social problems can be distinct from economic problems. Nevertheless, there might be certain social issues that can also mitigate economic problems. There are other topics that are not economic or social concerns, such as warfare. Some kinds of disputes also occur over the sort of social issues that should take priority or those that should be solved. Different societies and different individuals have different perceptions. There numerous methods of combating the social issues. Some people will vote in elected leaders who they believe can talk about social issues openly. Outside politics people share or donate their energy, money, time or other resources. This will often take the form of volunteering services. Various institutions in the form of nongovernmental organizations are initiated by the society with the main objective of articulating social issues. Community initiatives involve gathering people who have a common agenda. Various people have different meanings social matters in the United States for instance; social issues refers to the topic of national interest upon which people continue to have a divided opinion and the subjects remains to have a zealous bigoted advocacy, voting, and debate. An example of such issues includes abortion and same-sex marriage. In this sense, the social doesn't refer to the ill that must be solved but rather a contemporary issue that requires thorough discussion (Rončević, Borut). How Social Issues Impact ChildrenTo thrive children have to experience the ongoing and consistent care by nurturing, loving caregiver whether that particular individual is either the substitute caregiver of even the parent. The support and security that that adult gives the adult give the child some level of resilience and even self-confidence to cope with life issues. So as to mature socially and emotionally kids have to interact with people from the outside and seek answers to some social issues that impact them. These interactions typical occurs with the people at the child site, neighbors, friends and close relatives, sports team, churches, schools and other activities. By managing to handle the minor conflicts and stresses that are inherent in these interactions kids develop the skills that are necessary to stressors that are significant. Children in other situations watch how the adults they interact with handle stress. Some of the major events in the family structure such as divorce and illnesses may have a significant impact on a child’s emotional development. For instance, the chronic diseases might prevent a kid from socializing a factor that trickles down to academic performance at schools. Those events that have an impact on the kid also have some form of adverse impact on those people that are close to the child. The impact of such form of stress varies with severity and nature of behavioral problem or illness with the family’s emotional resource. Children should, therefore, be talked to and educated on matters that affect them in life, this way they will grow up understanding the issues that affect them. Possible Actions That Should Be Taken To Support Child and FamiliesMany life events including death and illnesses of someone closer and bullying can at times be scary or quite unpleasant to kids. Certain events that do not directly affect the child directly such as terrorism, war and natural disaster may cause anxiety. At times the children might find it difficult engaging in topics that somehow feel unpleasant. Having an open discussion can aid an individual child to deal with this kind of anxiety. Children should be brought up knowing that anxiety is a normal behavior and can lessen over time. Guardians or parents who routinely discuss issues with their kids. The kids often find it easier to openly talk about numerous issues that they face when they become adolescents (Barton, Benjamin K.). Guardians should discuss difficult topics their children when children are interested, in a safe and quiet environment. A parent ought to remain calm when handling kids and the information that is presented has to be present and factual. By understanding the how they feel, parents have to encourage their kids to acknowledge concerns and fear for instance, when a parent discovers that a child is using drugs. It is important that they talk to the kid in a calms and clear manner, expressing their worries about the behavior of the child with a lot of love and even support. After the parent concerns have been expressed in a manner that clear, the kid should be given the opportunity to express their views. Then the child and the parent have to come up with a plan of action that could either include a counselor or a pediatrician.ReferencesBarton, Benjamin K. "Letting Kids Be Kids.". Psyccritiques, vol 52, no. 38, 2007, American Psychological Association (APA), doi:10.1037/a0008559.Rončević, Borut. "SOCIETAL COMMUNICATION IN STRATEGIC PROCESSES". Innovative Issues And Approaches In Social Sciences, vol 1, no. 2, 2008, pp. 27-46. Zalozba Vega, D.O.O., doi:10.12959/issn.1855-0541.iiass-2008-no2-art02.

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