Importance of Decisions Making

Making Essential Decisions as a Manager

Making essential decisions as a manager is critical to the firm's stability and success. As a manager, my decisions influence the actions of my subordinates and colleague supervisors. As a result, it is critical that the decisions taken provide the best possible outcome for the organization. Making the appropriate judgment necessitates gathering all essential facts about the topic (Jackson, 2014, p. 25). Complete knowledge guarantees that the decision is pertinent to the situation and is founded on facts rather than preconceptions.

Involving Subordinates in Decision-Making

Secondly, making a right decision requires a comprehensive collection of data and ideas from the involved parties. Involving the subordinates in decision-making builds up their morale, which is important in determining their productivity.

Avoiding Emotional Attachments in Decision Making

Lastly, making good decisions requires a stable mind free from emotions. Emotions may influence the decision and lead to a poor decision. It is important to avoid any emotional attachments while making the decision. In the realm of decision making, it is the assumption that the decision will deliver the best outcome in the situation. A right decision should speedily provide results, and the results should be permanent (Lewis, 2006, p. 50). The three assumptions push the decision maker into spending a considerable amount of time in deciding due to the weight of the expected outcome. For example, dividing the workforce into two shifts ensured every employee works for fewer hours increasing the result due to lesser fatigue.

Testing the Credibility of Assumptions

The assumption that the demand for SUVs will rise due to an increase in fuel prices is valid. SUVs have bigger capacities enabling the customers to carry the whole family instead of using two vehicles. However, an airline without any added amenity will not attract many customers. Many customers prefer airlines with added amenities to enable them to enjoy the long flights without getting bored (Garner, 2012, p. 23). Therefore, it would be substantial for the airlines to improve their facilities for competitiveness. Testing the credibility of the two assumptions requires a keen analysis of the two scenarios where customers prefer SUVs due to capacity and power while also preferring an airline with more amenities. Such an analysis points out the best assumption of the two.


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