Immigration into the United States

In the 18th Century Immigration in the US

In the 18th century, immigration to the US increased. America's people and the federal government had to intervene because the situation had gotten out of hand in an effort to maintain control. This essay seeks to shed light on a few of the riots, disputes, congresses, and effects that came about as a result of immigration. Examine some of the laws that were passed at the time of immigration as well. In 1882, the United States Congress made the decision to deny citizenship to all Chinese immigrants. The decision did not consider the contributions that the foreign communities made towards the country’s industrialization sector since the workers in America felt susceptible to the competition brought about by the foreigners in the country. This was as a result of crimes such as gambling, prostitution and opium consumption which were blamed on the immigration in the United States.

The Chinese Exclusion Act

The Chinese exclusion act executed specific treaty stipulations which were allied to the community since the foreign laborers endangered the localities good order within the U.S territory. In the prerequisite, the immigrants were supposed to vacate the nation within 90 days after the law passage with the community’s immigration being suspended in terms of getting in even after the expiry of the outlined days. The act stated that a Chinese master who owned any vessel was not permitted to bring back the ship with any laborer from any port being considered guilty. Any convicted laborer was required to pay a fine of at least $500 for a single laborer who was brought in the territory or a jail term which would last for a whole year. The legislation subjected the Chinese to a filthy lifestyle living in overcrowded and polluted environments as servants since they were considered as a less concerned population in terms of the country’s prosperity. Social conflict was experienced in the western part of America after the Native Americans conquered the inhabitants and kept them under subordinate forces. The immigrants had many differences in terms of religion, race, class, ethnic background and previous sectional loyalties exacerbated the conflict causing economic and social division.

Open Class Rivalry

The period within 1890 up to 1920 was characterized by open class rivalry ranging from mining and milling towns whereby outlawed gangs disrupted border activities. Personal violence was experienced in populated male cities which brought about crime with Ellsworth and Dodge City being considered violent and rough places to live. Emma Goldman, a famous speaker in the anarchist society, believed that the organized rivalry created by the people in the upper class had a significant influence in the violence that was being experienced by people in the lower level. The political offenders at the bottom were mainly led into conflict by indignation, organized injustice as well as organized crimes. Canales together with other progressives from the state legislature ensured that people from the west had been fleeced which was followed by a great revolution that saw a quick development in the region before his exit in 1920. Bartolomeo Vanzetti who was also an anarchist was executed alongside Nicola Sacco for murder and payroll biases in 1920 at Braintree, Massachusetts. Even though the trails did not reveal definite evidence regarding their guilt, Judge Thayer despised Italian anarchist. Youths in zoot suit attire attacked Negros and Mexicans crowds in 3rd June 1943 which was later followed by a raid conducted by soldiers’ mob targeting these communities, and in response, Mexican youths assaulted a faction of sailors. Though South California had experienced tensions between the Whites and Mexicans, the police force together with the press worsened the situation through a bad reflection of the Mexican community. In 1954, Earl Warren who had been appointed chief justice provided a significant opinion that could offer equal protection rights such that public institutions would be used by any person despite their race or class. Hernandez incorporated an identical protection challenge which was shared in court by the Warren. During this period, the court consisted of representatives who seemed more sympathetic to individual liberty claims, unlike their predecessors.


In conclusion, it is evident that the U.S underwent various procedures with the aim of ensuring that the immigration was minimized within their territory in order to safeguard its resources. Various acts were enacted in order to eliminate certain groups which included subjecting the communities to slavery with minimal wages and poor living conditions. As a result, the anarchist militia was formed to fight for the oppressed rights which largely contributed to slaves liberation and granting of equal rights through legislative process which brought revolution in the country.


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