illegal immigrants

This article addresses a sensitive issue with illegal immigrants in the United States and their labor rights while working in the country. The author highlights a chicken processing company called Case Farms, which has been in operation for many years, and the kind of horrible conditions that the corporation forces its workers, particularly illegal immigrants, to (Grabell n.p)
The author claims in the second half that "Case Farms has established its company by recruiting some of the world's most disadvantaged immigrants, who suffer harsh and, at times, unlawful conditions that few Americans would put up with" (Grabell n.p).  The author records that “While the president stirs up fears about Latino immigrants and refugees, he ignores the role that companies, particularly in the poultry and meatpacking industry, have played in bringing those immigrants to the Midwest and the Southeast” (Grabell n.p). According to the author “the company has used their immigration status to get rid of vocal workers, avoid paying for injuries and quash dissent” (Grabell n.p).

Third part

When the author says that Case Farms has built its business through recruitment of illegal immigrants, he is implying that many corporates in the United States take advantage of the migration status of foreigners to benefit themselves financially. This shows that what most firms in the United States care about is making profits and not the welfare of workers. When the author states that the president is ignoring the role of companies in attracting illegal immigrants, he implies that most of the illegal immigrants come to the United States to seek employment and companies cooperate with them by giving them jobs at lower pay and deplorable conditions that Native Americans cannot accept. For this reason, many illegal immigrants flock the country. Lastly, the author raises concern about the plight of illegal foreign workers whom companies take advantage of the immigration status to treat them harshly. From the last statement, the author implies that illegal foreign workers have been denied their workplace rights because of their immigration status.

Work cited

Grabell, Michael. "Sold For Parts." MSN, 2017,

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