Identifying the Three Parts of the Introductory Paragraph

It's much harder than I thought to launch a business while maintaining a full-time employment and full-time studies. It takes a lot of work, commitment, willpower, and planning. Two years ago, I started the steps necessary for becoming a small company owner. I wrote a business plan that included possible sources of funding, building facility research, estimated overhead costs, and more. The strategy has undergone numerous iterations for both creative and practical purposes. I'm always learning more about this kind of company and how to move forward to be successful in my endeavor. A small company can be started with a lot of resources. I have to pinpoint the best use of those for my particular business, and ensure the resources provide procedures I can achieve with my limited timeframe.

The Three Parts

An introductory paragraph is critical in setting both the mood of an essay and giving the readers the purpose of the said article. Well written introductory paragraphs have three parts that make it perform the above function. The hook is a gripping and thrilling sentence that attracts the readers into the essay. The second part is the background information which seeks to expound and provide further details of the concept that was given by the hook. Finally, the paragraph should end with a well written thesis which states the purpose of the author in writing the essay.

From the paragraph above:

The hook: Starting a business while working a full time job and going to school full time is much more difficult than I anticipated. This sentence catches the attention of the reader as it excites and the reader will want to know what's next.

Background Information: It requires a lot of effort, discipline, energy, and organization. I began my process to become a small business owner two years ago. I created a business plan complete with financing options, building facility inquiries, potential overhead costs, and more. The plan has changed numerous times for creative and financial reasons. I'm constantly learning about this type of business and learning to take steps forward to achieve success in my venture. These sentences provide more information about the difficulties of starting a business, going to school and work.

The Thesis: There are many resources available for establishing a small business. I have to pinpoint the best use of those for my particular business, and ensure the resources provide procedures I can achieve with my limited timeframe. These two sentences open up to us and tell us that the author wants to provide the resources available to help him/her in establishing a business to allow for maximum benefit with the limited time.

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