I used to work at the concession stand at the movie theater

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I used to work at the concession stand in the movie theatre.
I didn’t want this job because consumers could be angry with it.
I didn’t like the work and the management was almost as mean.
What kind of lesson did the character(s) learn?
The narrator knows how to deal with unpleasant scenarios such as the screaming of clients handling evil employers and the punishment of the owner. The character even learns to work in the theater for a few hours.
How did the character evolve or change? The character had to stop working in the theater because of the harsh conditions.This evident is outlined in the first paragraph “I used to work in the concession stand at the movie theater.”

What is the story really about?

The story is about a person who was working in the theater. He passes a lot while working there like when a projector failed the customers yelled, and children did get bored. He also had cruel bosses and spies’ colleagues that whenever you said any evil thing about the owner the manager reported. The person used to work several hours in the theater.

What is the Theme?

The theme of the story is human exploitation.

What is the Thesis statement?

The thesis statement of a story is: human exploitation can help us learn many things as a victim like handling stressful situations and can also be avoided by reducing the number of hours an employing work and hiring enough workers so as to reduce exploitation.

Find the evidence. What paragraph or sentences support your thinking? Mark these places and use them to support your thinking.

a. Paragraph one: “Angry customers, Cruel bosses and unpredictable hours made this job the worst possible.”

b. Paragraph four: “I hated this job because ridiculous hours were far worse than any vicious boss.”

Make a statement

The theme of the story is human exploitation because the character used to work several hours in a day without adequate rest and also the boss could yell at him for any mistake and also for tiny mistakes like staying for too long in a bathroom break or not charging the twenty-five cents butter.

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