Howard Mansfield’s “The Dirt Devil”

Howard Mansfield's "The Dirt Devil"

Howard Mansfield's "The Dirt Devil" is a classical state of affairs of the existence of a tactic behind every endeavor. The author in addition presents the idea that there is always some thing worth learning in a job however grubby it may additionally make one feel. The main idea behind the article is the execution of income towards meeting the target. "He could feed his family, which is what he cared about…."

Inherent Ethical Dilemmas

In the end, the writer captures a scenario in which the salesperson targets a poor lady. The act might also appeal to an emotional aspect of the audience, but in the end, the job description is clear, and the vendor may not earn and feed the family if he does not take every opportunity that presents itself. Was the individual a good salesperson? That goes without saying. However, when it comes to showing the greater aspects of humanity, that can be tabled for debate.

Economic Involvement and Decision-Making

The article captures the real-life scenarios that humans have to deal with on a daily basis. People must devise methods to deliver in their jobs. Most lives depend on the economic involvement of individuals. It may be unfortunate that successful salespersons tend to exploit the public, especially the poor. However, there exists another way to analyze the situation. First, everybody gets to purchase the items at an ongoing market price. "… She was serving notice to her husband: This is how I want to live- like all these people in big houses we see." The decision to purchase an item or not solely lies with the customers. There may exist different views and perceptions to this, but Mansfield presents it in a way that offers an open playing field for all to contemplate without taking sides.

The Predefined System for Success

To conclude, there exists a tactic to every indulgence in the economic world. Different people may interpret various undertakings in contradicting ways, but in the end, they will appreciate that everything happens through a predefined system to guarantee success. The story captured by Mansfield shows the different perception of a business venture, but in the end, it is all about survival and decision-making towards ensuring better living and continued survival.

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