Honesty Testing and Handwriting Analysis

I'd be surprised if...

I applied for a job with a company I really wanted to work with and discovered that they used Handwriting Analysis as part of the hiring process. Around the same time, I would be encouraged if I learned that Honesty Testing was used as part of the hiring process.

Reasons for unhappiness with handwriting analysis:

One of the reasons I would be unhappy if the company used handwriting research as part of the screening process is that, despite suggestions that handwriting depicts different behavior forecasts and personality descriptions, I have seen no real association between applicants' handwriting and their actions or personalities. I would, therefore, consider it inappropriate for the organization's selection team to predict the applicants' qualities using handwriting analysis.

Additionally, having a controlled handwriting depends on an individual's dedication to practice, and sometimes the schools they attended. Handwriting, therefore, cannot precisely predict an individual's condition relating to, for example, the use of drugs, anxiety situations, diseases, maturity, and traumatic experiences among others, all of which contribute to individual's personality. Besides, handwriting does not reflect someone's physical appearance or background and does not provide causality information relating to one's gender, creed, physical strength, or job experience (Gerxhani & Koster, 2015). I would, therefore, be greatly disappointed if the organization used handwriting analysis as part of the selection process.

Benefits of honesty testing:

On the other hand, what would motivate me if I found out that the organization used honesty testing as part of the selection process is that honesty test is a proven tool for assessing an applicant's tendency to be dependable, trustworthy, and honest. It would, therefore, contribute positively in determining the applicants' behaviors (Gerxhani & Koster, 2015).

Additionally, honesty test is a vital tool for measuring the state of the applicants' conscientiousness, agreeableness, emotional stability, as well applicant's overall job performance (Gerxhani & Koster, 2015). It would, therefore, be appropriate if the organization used honesty testing as part of the selection process.


Gërxhani, K., & Koster, F. (2015). Making the right move: Investigating employers' recruitment strategies. Personnel Review, 44(5), 781-800.

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