Health-Driven Theory

Understanding the components of health-driven theory and practical and operational forms of philosophy is necessary for well-driven health behavior. Human behavior is critical for maintaining health and preventing illnesses. Similarly, effective programs for changing individual health behavior require a multifaceted approach to aid in behavior adoption, management, and change. As a result, practical strategies for reducing diseases like obesity and chronic illnesses among children are needed.
Obesity is linked to a slew of dangers. High blood pressure is one of the health consequences of obesity, as other tissues in the body require more nutrients and oxygen, which necessitates increased blood circulation. The artery walls change as the blood pressure rises. Overweight is one of the vital cause of diabetes such as diabetes 2. It resists insulin thus elevating the blood sugar. Fatness increases the risk of acquiring cancer. Colon cancer in men and breast cancer in women is common to individuals who are obese. Some other related factors include psychological effects, stroke, osteoarthritis, coronary heart disease, and gallbladder disease. However, some of the interventions that can help this effect include regular exercises, acquiring weight loss medication, weight loss surgery, as well as consuming energy-restricted diet.

Family behavior plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of children. Family with adequate information regarding healthcare services are likely to take their kids to hospitals and be able to follow the physician prescriptions without difficulties. Proper guidance and access to information linked to the importance of healthcare sectors helps in providing sufficient care to their children.

Many families have different experiences and characteristics when their kids have chronic illnesses. They feel a sense of powerlessness that may be a threat the child’s needs. Therefore, families, who understand that their kids require special needs by working together in caring, help in the healing process. They will seek information that will help in the health-giving process thus preventing sadness and guilt.

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