The HAMLET setting will be back in the beginning of the society. This will be a reflection of a time when education takes priority in society. An age when the education of kings and queens leading to prosperous generations began to be seen as significant. In my adaptation, I would like Hamlet to be a she. This is because you are careful to decide and take account of people’s emotions before you take a decision.
The family from which Hamlet is going to be rich. The consideration here is that she is sent to seek education in another country oversees. She should be a quick learner and curious to learn more about different cultures. Bearing in mind that she is sent abroad to study, she should be knowledgeable. Considering that education is taking precedence, the time period of the play would be when forms of governance is starting to shift to democracy. Boundaries are starting to be formed along countries rather than reigns under kings. People who are educated would be leading the shift.
In seeking revenge in my adaptation, I would want Hamlet to advocate for the rule of law to be the guide. The basis would be that murder is wrong regardless of the time. Bearing in mind that governments would have started being formed, following the law would be among the first considerations. This would be a test for the justice system which will be in the initial stages of being formed. It would be upon Hamlet to use her knowledge and education in trying to prove that her father had been murdered. She would then be on a quest of gathering evidence within the law to ensure that justice is served for her late father.

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