gulf oil disaster and bp

On 20 April 2010, an offshore oil exploration firm known as Deep-water Horizon erupted in flames

Killing eleven people and leaving more than seventeen injuries. The catastrophic explosion caused the oil pipelines to burst, which poured huge amounts of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The oil leak has flowered across the sea for nearly 52 miles in three months, making it one of the most massive underwater oil spill accidents in the oil industry. In particular, several attempts were unsuccessful to drain the oil flow and the oil well was declared temporarily sealed. However, there have been rumors that it was already leaking in 2012.


Short term goals: stabilize the situation and keep the company alive.

The BP's primary goal is to clean up the oil spill quickly and avoid extreme damage to the environment; bolt the leaking hole to prevent more oil from spreading into the ocean surface; inform the people living around to avoid using the contaminated ocean resources such as water or fish; set significant prevention and safety procedures to inform the public of the steps being taken to ensure that the disaster does not occur once again.

Long-term goals: restore the public faith in BP's abilities.

The goal is to develop a communication platform to show the capabilities of the company to the investors and the management group and ensure the accident does not hinder the success of the business; address the people affected by the oil spill efficiently and show how the company is committed to resolving the issue.

Alternative Solutions

Solution 1: Targeting corporate, legal and bureaucratic audiences when making decisions to resolve the accident calamities


Dealing with a significant decision-making audience can assist in generating ideas to solve the oil spill issue. For instance, an organization with rich facilities can develop clear strategies to eliminate the harmful oil deposits from the ocean.


Avoiding dealing with unnecessary public relations since PR may cause the spread of wrong information across the country. In this way, BP may lack customers or affluent investors in the future, even after the accident coverage.

Targeting corporate, legal, and bureaucratic audience may cause the investor to boycott, and the public to distrust the organization.

Solution 2: Focusing on restoring global investors and the public's trust and asking for support to minimize the oil spill calamities.


Gaining the public support would give the right momentum to move on from the past oil spill disaster. Noteworthy, the public faith will enable the company to be back on its feet and start making oil sales once again.


Audience or public decision making is ignored. Restoring public faith may involve using some of the decisions made by the audience, but they should be avoided since some of them are incorrect or work out well in favor of a specific group of people.


Solution 2 is recommended. The corporate, legal, and bureaucratic audience can help to develop legal technical and scientific strategies to eliminate the oil spill from the ocean surface. Additionally, the BP company is a Business-to-Business organization (B2B), hence the public sympathy and support is not a practical problem.

Action Steps

1. Prepare a detailed list of relevant audiences.

2. Draft the public statement for each group (viewers).

3. Prepare a Q&A for the audience.

4. Discuss the best ideas with approval from the topmost managers.

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