Guide on IT Security Awareness

This guide was created in an effort to condense the Information Technology Security Awareness presentation for simpler management comprehension. As such, it covers a variety of issues pertaining to various security ideas. It uses books and relevant websites as sources and adheres to the APA formatting standard.

To begin, the presentation examines information as a vital asset to a business. It goes on to emphasize the necessity of risk management and vulnerability identification as a first step in mitigating losses related with firm information. The presentation continues to describe security policies and regulatory organizations, giving three examples namely: NIST, NRC and IAEA. It also describes the notion of social networking and also presents three potential risks and threats to a company’s security.

The presentation examines the Software Development Life Cycle and considers its incorporation of the security aspect in reducing threats. It also explores reasons leading to slow adoption of cloud computing and examines the ethical / unethical aspects of hacking. Further, various ways of protecting information assets are discussed as well as the key elements of a security policy.

The notion of encryption (how it works) and its relevance as a premier IT security tool is also explored. In addition, it identifies five different jobs dealing with IT security and recommends IT certifications that are relevant currently. The presentation examines auditing as a tool to prevent risk and also proceeds to describe information assurance and security. The notion of employee security awareness is also discussed citing its relevance.

In conclusion, the presentation looks at the various elements of recovering from lost assets, internet connected systems, citing examples and IT security jobs that display high potentiality for growth this year.

The presentation makes use of the following references.


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