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I grew up with a strong interest in nature, and as a child, I would assist domestic animals in my home anytime I saw them in distress. As a child, my father would take me to our farm, where he kept a herd of cattle, and I would watch him feed and water them. I also saw many instances where the farm’s hired veterinary officer would come to inject the cattle with various doses of drugs, including vaccination and preventive injectables. I recall how wonderful it feels to see the cows, my favorite of all the farm animals, fed and well. I had a feeling that our veterinary officer did his best to put a smile on the faces of our more than two hundred cows. This is where my passion for animals developed, and many years later, I expressed my interest in the field of Wildlife Science and applied for admission in my current college. However, I have discovered the fact that Wildlife Science is a bit broad and covers several disciplines, and would like to specialize only in veterinary services. I do hope that my career will develop in the field of veterinary services because there exist joy and peace in forming a career out of passion. I believe that my love for animals will get me a long way and help me develop my career to greater heights.
Please consider this statement as my request for a transfer from Wildlife Science to Veterinary Services course within Texas A&M in the veterinary services department. My decision to do this is purely based on my passion and love for domestic animals and would like to gain as much understanding as I can concerning all the steps to be taken in helping put a smile on the faces of our domestic animals. I also got guided by the fact that as a veterinary officer, a good education can come in handy when it comes to diagnosing and prescribing animal illnesses. During my encounter with our veterinary officer in the farm, I realized that since animals cannot speak, reading signs and symptoms was a critical skill that one needs to correctly diagnose, prescribe and administer the right treatment or medicine to them. I am convinced that I will be able to acquire these and many other skills that are needed to make a very competent veterinary officer.
I have gotten myself involved in veterinary services in the past, and I liked the experience I got from the activities I undertook. For instance, during my high school days, we used to visit the school farm with my colleagues and check on the progress of the cows, goats, and dogs that the agriculture department kept. I remember that more than five times, we managed to read the animals’ signs and symptoms correctly since we advised the department to call the vet officer to check the dogs and cows and true to it, the officer confirmed on several occasions that the animals needed urgent attention. My passion for animals grew further, and when I left high school, I was sure of the career I had chosen to pursue.
I believe that given this opportunity to transfer to the veterinary school, I will do my best to become the best vet officer the college has ever produced. I will work hard to gain the knowledge and skills required of a vet officer to ensure that once I get out there and start practicing, animals will have a good time after my services. I also, trust that the new field will give me an opportunity to fulfill my dreams and aspirations by helping me form a career out of passion.
I trust you will consider my request for the transfer. I will be awaiting your positive response. Thanks in advance.
Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

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