GEOS Issues Analysis

Despite the fact that the United States is a significant industrialized country in the world, it is currently facing some obstacles that are slowing development. The topics vary from colonization to democracy, human rights, and climate change. The questions make it difficult to articulate various demographic issues as well as sustainable development. In most cases, it slows the rate of sustainable development as well as demographic shifts (Cherlin et al. 410). The majority of these global challenges are dealt with by the United Nations.  The basic requirement for United Nations is to protect the human rights in a nation and offer a framework that will promote the financial and communal developments. The concerns present in these areas in most cases affects the citizens as compared to the people in authority. Moreover, individuals in power do not even recognize the presence of such challenges. It is important to address such factors for smooth operations in the United States governance. Some of the recommendations previously set in this area of study about global issues have minimal results towards the well-being of the nations and the community as a whole. For this reason, therefore, the paper will address issues of demographic transition and sustainable development directed to President Donald Trump. Moreover, the article will try to address various recommendations that would help change the current problems facing demographic transition as well as sustainable developments.


The population shift is a termed utilized in most countries to refer to the change from tall natal and decease rates to inferior natural as well as mortality rates. The move of change in a country advances from pre-industrialized to an industrial monetary arrangement that fits well the country’s set up. The demographic transition in most cases in the United States takes place within some demographic evolution model.

The changes presented in this model exists in four different stages to illustrate the exact areas that need further interventions to make it better and improve the current conditions. In the first stage of this model, the demography indicates high stationery. At this point, it is illustrated that the rate of delivery amount equals the demise charges. In the second stage, the demography means a rate of expansion of the birth rate increase and an apparent reduction of mortality rate (Cherlin et al. 415). At this point, the population rate increases but not at the same level with the late expanding which takes place in the third stage. In the stage, four and five the situation changes a great deal. In the fourth stage, the birth rate, as well as the death rate, are little. It, therefore, helps in stabilizing the total population growth. The decline exists due to strong economies as well as educated citizens concerning adequate health care services (Lesthaeghe et al. 685). Both of the demographic rates are susceptible to the exceptional circumstances or measures such as environmental disasters and pandemic issues. For this reason, therefore, stage four of the population change is the ideal placement for any country since the total population growth, in this case, grows at a progressive rate. However, there is need to come up with the best recommendation to maintain the standards.

The idea of demographic transition has a clear correlation with nationalism. Through the process of nationalism, such factors that affect demography are dealt with to have better implementation measures.

According to chart, one in the appendix on demography change improved medical services works best to ensure that the population strikes a balance between birth and death rates (Lesthaeghe et al. 670). Creating awareness of the existing family planning approaches will help to increase the birth rates in the United States. Moreover, the medical facilities need full equipping with medicines that would contribute to reducing the mortality rate of people before old age.


Sustainable development refers to the process or approach of growth that fits the desires of the current cohort without encompassing with the needs and requirements of the upcoming generation (Saha et al. 36). The environment is the primary factor in this case. Moreover, sustainable development also deals with the concept of needs The United Nation General Assembly develops the goals that each country aspire to achieve the set target. The important concept of sustainable development relies on the environmental aspects and status of a country to carry out their environmental processes and procedures. Achievement of these goals helps realign the sustainability in the required criteria.

However, multiple challenges and issues arise when the country works to improve and develop their sustainable development. Environmental changes and technological factors are the main factors that hinder sustainable development in the United States of America (Saha et al. 24). However, it is important to note that these factors that impede development have different ways that the country can work on them to have the best sustainability measure in the country.

The idea of sustainable development has a direct correlation with other concepts such as the tragedy of the commons and public goods. The authority to the same extent personalizes the commodities and utilities that require publication to the citizens. Moreover, the tragedy of the commons also helps in facilitating the rate of reducing sustainability development in the country.

According to chart two in the appendix on sustainable development, it is evident that planting more trees in the country and having policies and rules to reduce human encroachment would be some of the recommendations that would help in improving the sustainability level in the United States (Krueger). Natural resources formulate a vital component of sustainable development. Protecting the natural resources would lead to a high degree of sustainable developments. Implementing regulations and laws against logging in the present forest would help show the resources that depend on the forests as their habit zone.


Demographic transition and sustainable development formulate a greater part of a country in determining the overall development level in a country. During the calculation of the country’s Gross Domestic Product, the per capita income plays a vital role, hence the use of demographic changes. Consequently, sustainable development works well when calculating the development of major industries and companies in the United Sates. However, both demographic transition and sustainable development experience some challenges that are presented as global issues. However, the problems have better ways of dealing with them to achieve the required standards. In the case of demographic change, improved the healthcare of much importance. However, on sustainable development, improving the rate of environmental protection and conservations in the form of regulations and policies will help turn around the conditions at hand.


Appendix 1: RCII Chart on Demographic Transition in America

Appendix 2: RCII Chart on Sustainable Development

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