Regardless of whether a regulatory body agrees or not, customers or entities have the right to information on something that concerns them. The public’s access to genetic knowledge will be very useful, as it could be used to make important decisions. Individuals are made aware of their genetic identity as well as any potential issues, especially about diseases that are genetically transmitted (Pollack, 2015). As a result of this experience, they may seek clinical support from qualified medics or genetic counselors. On the other hand, presenting this type of information would be dangerous, since it could lead to customer misinterpretation. It would be a nightmare to have all of this knowledge and not know what to do about it. It would only be wise if if such details were elaborately and professionally provided.
A family member who has undergone through genetically testing should provide such information to other family members and children for cautionary purposes. The children could be carriers and healthy, but when they mate, their children are likely to inherit two abnormal genes. However, parents should only provide this information to children at the right time. Such data are just relevant when offered to young adults as they plan to start families.
Genetic testing is an excellent method for tracing paternal roots by those who are adopted. Biological family members who have participated in adoption can be determined readily using DNA. Many family reunions have been facilitated through this procedure, as they can trace their paternal roots and ancestral lineages. IVF embryo implantation has enabled the assessment of embryos to determine their genetic condition or abnormality of their chromosome. This technique has allowed maximization of healthy births, as abnormal embryos can be detected and avoided in the mating process. The method has also enabled couples to conceive after suffering infertility for extended periods due to genetically instigated conditions in the families.
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