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Many researchers explain that gender is more of the biological features of being male or female than behavioral, cultural, social, or psychological features. Females have two X chromosomes, while men with one X chromosome and one Y chromosome have different genetic characteristics; (Witt 35-40). In society, men and family members are expected to be strong while women are considered weak, particularly emotionally and physically, to be submissive and to look after their children as well. This paper focuses on how the culture defines the roles and assumptions of gender in society. Gender Stereotypes in the Society
In the society and according to our culture women are expected to be emotional, very talkative of their problems, submissive, good mothers and weak. Women become unattractive when they become more confident, tough, rough or demanding while they are supposed to be small, charming and submissive. Men on the other side are dominant and influential. This stereotypic gender behavior is transmitted and learned in the society. The culture of people massively influences the stereotypes that are handed down from parents, religious leaders and even peers (Witt 35-38). A male child will be taught to be strong in every aspect and will be expected to learn from his father or his male peers while a female child will be expected to stick around her mother and perform feminine duties. As the children grow into youths, they learn what the society expects of them both as males and as females.
Although men and women are born with biological differences, they are not that much different as many perceive them. Ideally, a female can do nearly everything that a male can do including being the breadwinner of the household.

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Witt, Susan D. “Parental influence on children’s socialization to gender roles.” Adolescence 32.126 (1997): 253

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