Gender in American Society

The Influence of Gender in the Social Structure

The social structure is being changed by the modern issue of gender. The idea of gender has been influenced by the social, economic, and political structure. Gender is now an essential institution in the structure of society rather than just a topic of discussion between the sexes. As a result, it is now crucial to consider the various facets of the everyday environment that define gender in order to understand gender in American society. Gender is an institution that has permeated all facets of American society, it has become clear from the analysis of a variety of results. Therefore, this paper will examine gender as an influential aspect in the social, political economic and family structures in the American society.

The Importance of Gender in the Social Environment

In the social environment, pundits such as Irwin, (16) emphasize that gender has become a dynamic aspect that requires in-depth analysis. Unless there is a focus on the differences, there has not been an effective manner towards justification of inequality. It is evident that the debate on gender revolves around the aspect of equality. However, it is the facets that shape gender that institute its importance in the social structure. The appreciation of the social impact of the two genders has developed an American social structure in which there is cross-cultural literacy. Accordingly, the American society has been appreciating the prospect that there is mutual acceptance of the disparity in gender, and there is no conclusive justification of stratification. In the modern social institution, there is the notion that women across the diverse social circles are not viewed as subordinate to men. This is due to the rise in modernity and the call to equality whereby both sexes have a stake in societal development. The emphasis on the elimination of the disparities across the genders has been the foundation towards necessitating dynamism and elimination of the existent inequalities. Irwin, (18) emphasizes that the conceptualization of gender as a distinct characteristic in regards to grouping has been eliminated in a gradual yet effective manner. The development of an avenue in which there are no social constraints or facilities towards necessitation of social development has been an effective initiative towards ensuring dynamism and negating dual gender in the American society.

The Significance of Gender in the Political Environment

Further, in the political environment, many pundits such as Connell, (92) believe that it is imperative to view gender as a social structure since it translates into a similar panel towards the evaluation of the political factors. As such, whereas gender as a social structure suits the political evaluation, there is a ubiquitous usage in various debates. Oakley, (105) emphasizes that there is the development of a sociological discourse in the evaluation of gender that is contrary to the evaluation of gender as a political debate. Further, there is the focus on the notion that beyond the social discourse, there is the presumption that gender cannot be a political debate in the American society. The dissipation of the consensus in regards to gender as an economic aspect of concern is an issue of analysis in the American society. This is so because of the contribution of technocrats in the political scene based on professionalism and not the social disposition of status quo in regards to gender. There prevails the trivialization of gender as a political issue that is influential in the day-to-day life of Americans. The prevalent structural concepts should be observable in both the social and political environment to develop a comprehensive analysis of gender (Connell, 107). Accordingly, the definition of gender as a social structure should translate into the concept of dualism in the evaluation of men and women through a focus on facets such as political and economic avenue. Nonetheless, the prevalent constraint in the analysis of the political avenue is the focus on the development of diversity in the roles that women play in the American society.

The Role of Gender in the Family Structure

As such, the diversity in the analysis of roles of both women and men is characterized in the evaluation of the family structure. Oakley, (105) believes that men and women in the American society on some level are being coerced into accepting the differential family roles. Accordingly, there has been the development of disparity in the gendered paths that can translate into the development of inequality among the diverse genders. In a social structure that is dualistic, there is the development of a comparative focus that is counterproductive towards the development of fluidity and dynamism in social roles (Irwin, 19). Therefore, from the viewpoint of the family structure, there is the need for rationality in seeking a more mutually coherent overview of the diverse genders. Development of a social-family structural environment that dissuades any form of gendered roles is fundamental towards the development of equality and non-gendered roles in the American society.

The Significance of Gender in the Economic Environment

The focus on non-gendered paths should be dynamic as evident in the economic environment. This is because professionalism goes beyond the divisions of gender. As such, both genders are required to partake in economic development in equal measures. Across the economic environment, there has been the prospect of emphasis on professionalism as opposed to gender analysis in the evaluation of functionality of an individual (Connell, 26). The emphasis on the economic proficiency has been accepted in the social structure towards necessitating empowerment of the various genders. Accordingly, the focus on such comparative analysis of gender has been in a reducing manner to ensure the evolution of a social structure that is based on output. Creating an economic environment in which acceptance of one's economic contribution has become the evident progress in the American society.


Gender in the contemporary American society has taken a back seat in regards to the social and economic environment. As such, the acceptance of the mutual contribution of gender towards the growth of a fluid and dynamic American society has gradually become the norm. Nonetheless, there have been some constraints in the economic and political environment. The trivialization of gender in the political and economic environment has taken a significant role towards the aim of reducing inequality across the gender divide. This is due to the active participation of both genders in the economic, social, and political spheres. As such, there is need to recognize genders as a societal structure rather than a definition of roles and abilities. This means that modernity is at center stage towards driving the acceptance of the two genders in the social structure.

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