Essays on Reconstruction

The Equal Protection Clause

The goal of the expansion of the Reconstruction era was to give African Americans equitable protection. However, as a result of its failure, white nationalists encouraged the use of violence and intimidation against black people. It didn't take long for the whites to reclaim power and pass laws that were...

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Divorce In the United States

Divorce Reconstruction in the United States Divorce Reconstruction in the United States refers to the time following the Civil War, when white people freed African Americans from slavery in 1865. Due to white people's perception of them as an inferior race, the recently freed slaves confronted many difficulties. The whites worked...

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The Reconstruction era

The Reconstruction Period and Its Impact on African Americans The end of the slave trade is referred to as the Reconstruction Period. In fact, during the reconstruction, over 4 million slaves were liberated. African Americans were freed in particular as a consequence of the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation. The Congress carried out...

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Plan for Enterprise Architecture and Cyber Security of the Nation's Electricity Grid

The United States of America's electric power network and infrastructure are undergoing ongoing alteration. This infrastructure transformation affects a wide range of sectors, including homes, businesses, and large corporations. This is an initiative to replace fossil-fueled power sources with windmills, both of which have numerous flaws that affect practically everyone...

Words: 1882

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The Reconstruction era came after Civil War

The Restoration period followed the Civil War and aimed at reuniting Union and Confederate states, which had divided the nation in two. Deep disputes over Restoration policies helped to further polarize both factions. The Southern states, mainly affiliated with the Confederacy, had been severely defeated and damaged by the North-aligned...

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