Essays on Bigfoot

The Existence of Bigfoot

The Existence of Bigfoot: A Hoax? The existence of the Big Foot though supported by various people does not have any scientific or exact physical sighting. What people mainly rely on are unauthenticated legendary stories. Therefore, it is apparent that the Big Foot story is a hoax meant to hoodwink the...

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Bigfoot, Nothing but an ignorant Narrative

Bigfoot: Fact or Fiction? Bigfoot is a fictional creature that some people think actually exists. According to common culture, bigfoot is said to be very tall, hairy, male, and have large feet. The beast is infamous for its aggression and solitude. Many people think that the creature may be biologically similar...

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Bigfoot Conspiracy

In numerous ways, conspiracies have an impact on human perception and thinking. Even though there are many conspiracies involving various topics all over the world, the Bigfoot idea has fascinated a lot of people. Bigfoot is described in numerous ways by different people. The majority of people who claim to...

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Bigfoot Article Critique

Joe Nickell's post "Bigfoot at Mount Rainier" The author's trip through the territory around Mount Rainier, a location known for frequent Bigfoot sightings. In October 2013, the author, accompanied by a competent guide, decided to explore Mount Rainier and the surrounding area. The Author's Purpose Joe observes that all alleged Bigfoot sightings...

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Bigfoot at 50: Article Critique

The essay "Bigfoot at 50: Evaluating a Half-Century of Bigfoot Proof" by Benjamin Radford The essay “Bigfoot at 50: Evaluating a Half-Century of Bigfoot Proof” by Benjamin Radford examines the evidence of Bigfoot's presence gathered over the last fifty years. Around the same time, the author tries to offer proof of...

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