Formation of State and Culture

Public Policy and State Creation

Public policy and state creation must consider cultural influences. Additionally, the study of national and local cultures serves as the theoretical foundation for how the cultural turn influences how people see the modernizing governments. The sociology of the state is then developed through historical dynamics related to state building by the cultural study.

Steinmetz's Examination

Steinmetz (1999) examines the causes of the unsatisfactory practices when creative processes are debated in his paper State/culture: State-formation after the Cultural Turn. State creation is aided by modern approaches to understanding culture. Once more, empirical research and in-depth theoretical writings about Western nations experiencing administrative change help to establish a connection between state and culture. Additionally, it is clear that the state power intensified profoundly during the confessional age. Confessionalization had introduced social disciplining processes as well as the formation of identity hence increasing the capabilities of nations. Thus, confessionalization then initiated the creation of micro-political bases, cultural as well as religious bases. Again, disciplinary revolution and Calvinism critically enhance powers of states through either extensive or intensive means. The bond between the state, culture, and politics must be paramount.

State and Culture in Early Modern Europe

Meanwhile, according to Evans, Rueschemeyer, and Skocpol (1985), the art of making war as well as the state in the early modern Europe in relation to the post-World War II international economy highlights several perspectives. An agenda for coming and setting work for social sciences emanates. Hence, the formation of state and culture is made to revolve around policy making directed to the masses. Therefore, a bid to viewing politics and religion as categorically two antagonizing subjects helps to portray a picture that depicts how nations of the world are united coherently.

Works Cited

Evans, Peter B., Dietrich Rueschemeyer, and Theda Skocpol. Bringing the state back in. Cambridge University Press, 1985.

Steinmetz, George. State/culture: State-formation after the cultural turn. Cornell University Press, 1999.

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