For the sake of justice, I’m breaking the law.

The extract is about citizens of the United States protesting laws that they believe are against their will. These ensure that they look after their future and that laws that endanger their lives, such as those that cause climate change, citizen deaths, and civil war, are repealed (Velaquez). They shut down plants that contribute to global warming, refuse to pay taxes that fund wars, and disrupt weapons manufacturing companies. When the protesters were apprehended, they argued that they were acting on their conscience rather than the law. Similarly, I support the protesters since sometimes breaking the law would create more attention to the government to review the constitution and check if its correctness. Being Tough to evaluate reasons when dealing with unhelpful laws and governance. Furthermore, it leaks the injustice of the law by stressing the effects on helpless people.

Also, protesting against companies making military weapons that will encourage war such as Gulf War (Velaquez). The by-laws that make some people superior to others like whites having their restaurants, buses and public schools over the blacks. Plants using coal to produce power knowing it will have effects of global warming in the future.its a right of every citizen to ensure that their future and the next generation is taken care of, and the laws are favorable to them.

By being irrational means that there is the absence of trust in your mind, therefore, it’s right at some point to disobey the law for the sake of humanity. This exposes the laws which are a threat to the citizens of a particular country hence giving room for change in some laws. Abiding by the law no matter the defects leads to being the slave of some rules which are implemented without consideration of the effects on the citizens.

Works Cited

Velaquez Manuel. “Breaking the Law for the Sake of Justice”

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