Feminist Blog Review

Feminism refers to the philosophy and/or theory of men and women having equal social, personal, economic, and political rights. Feminism is a movement centered on achieving women’s social, emotional, economic, and political rights. Essentially, we live in a male-dominated society where women’s rights are often ignored. In some nations, social and cultural standards also limit women’s ability to exercise their free will and fundamental human rights. This can be seen in third-world countries where education and culture are still in their infancy and women are still regarded as commodities.

This paper will examine the notion of feminism around the world and review a feminist blog to analyze the current perception of the people about feminism around the world.

Feminism is all about equal opportunities for women:

Feminist ideology propagates an idea of equal social, personal, economic, educational and political opportunities for women. Therefore, feminism is all about equal opportunities for women. The above mentioned five equalities are briefly explained here under:

Firstly, equal social opportunities is all about of the social status of women. Social status of women should be reasonable and respectable and she should not be considered as a commodity for use and for serving which is a common phenomenon and practice in most of the societies in the world. Giving social respect to women is about creating heaven like environment on earth. Therefore, equal social opportunities should be given to women

Secondly, women should be given their personal rights which include they should have their free personal will and choice of right and wrong. In many societies women are not suppose to have free will that is why the need of movement of women rights raised and it is quite vibrant in the many parts of the world. However, the things are getting better and better with the passage of time.

Thirdly, women should be considered for economic opportunities. Indeed, being a civilized nation women must be considered equal when it comes to economic opportunities. However, as a male dominant society in many societies we become bias when we consider a job opportunity and literally with a bias perception we prefer a man than women. This should be discouraged and a healthy perception regarding equal opportunities for women should be prevailed.

Fourthly, there are number of civilizations which still are against education of women. They believe that education empowers women and the educated women stands before men which is against the nature as male is the dominant one by nature. This is also a bias behavior regarding equal educational rights for women. As Napoleon Bonaparte said “Give me an educated mother, I shall promise you the birth of a civilized, educated nation.” Therefore, women education is very important not for herself but for whole nation.

Fifthly, political opportunities for women are also important. Women should come forward to resolve and prepare policies for their issues in the political avenues. As women are vocal and integral part of our society, therefore, they should be part of political process of a country. Things are getting better in this with the passage of time and women are getting prominent in the political canvas.

Finally Feminism 101:

Finally feminism is a blog that gather information for the audience that is feminist or who raise questions regarding feminism, and show their concerns regarding feminism. This is a platform to discuss and the theory of the feminism and issue blogs on the feminist issues around the world. The blog was started in the year 2006. It is a comprehensive blog that is completely devoted for feminism, people views regarding feminism

What does the blog set out to achieve?

The blog is set out to achieve to propagate the ideology of feminism. The blog’s first and foremost task is to answer the questions particularly disruptive questions that raise on different feminism blogs. It is an own type of blog that is vibrant in spreading the light in the area of feminism.

Is it a single authored or collective blog site?

It is a multi author blog who are the contributors of this blog. The authors and editors include founding editor Tigtog, Tekanji, Melissa McEwan. The is well organized and content is excellently managed. There are some guests who post their blogs on Finally Feminism 101.

What kind of issues does the blog grapple with?

The blog discusses the basic feminism theory in the blog posts. In addition, the blog grapple the issues that are concerned with the feminist perception and the current issues and questions rose in the world regarding feminism.

Who is the target audience?

The target audience is the whole world who is interested to ask a question regarding feminism. As the blog is particularly serving in the domain of answer the question and discussing the current issues regarding feminism, therefore, the target audience of the blog is the people interested in questioning about feminism and those who likes to be updated of feminism current issues.

Does the blog grapple with gender inequalities, but overlooked diversities among women (i.e. race, class, sexuality, ability etc)

The blog has comprehensively covered its domain and it not only grapples with gender inequalities but also look the diversities among women such as race, class, sexuality, ability and others.

Does the blog take in to account material inequalities, social exclusions, and class structure?

Yes, the blog take in to account material inequalities, social exclusions, and class structures. It is a comprehensive and excellently managed blog and it is serving in its domain very well.

Does the blog address other aspects of identity including (both not limited to) sexual orientation, disability, age, colonial status, etc?

No, the blog does not address other aspects of identity including both not limited to sexual orientation, disability, age, colonial status and others.

What are the blog strengths?

The blog strengths are that they have a good team of authors and researchers who every day dig out news questions and stories, current affairs regarding feminism and keep their audience up-to-date regarding feminism.

What are the blog’s weaknesses?

In my opinion there are no weaknesses of the blog. It has good presentable formation, easy to read blogs and good, up-to-date and well researched content that actually accurately give information to the audience. All these are the strengths of a blog not the weaknesses. Therefore, there are no weaknesses of this blog. All is well.

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