Feminism concerns with the existence of power distinction

Moral Sentiments and Sympathy

Moral sentiments such as empathy and pity, according to Hume, play a function in transmitting affect. Understanding, which translates sensations to concepts, is reversed by sympathy. Furthermore, compassion is dependent on the ability of ideas to arouse impression. Hume's reasoning is persuasive to me.

Secondly, sympathy engages our worries and elicits our behaviors in morally significant and critical ways for sustaining a society. The second explanation is that sympathy is necessary, and we may perceive it in our ability to approve or disapprove of a person's motivation, behavior, or character as moral or immoral. Similarly, because of sympathy, we have the capacity to pass judgment on whether the motive or actions of a person is moral or not. Therefore, sympathy allows us to have a morally decent community. We use it to judge the morality of our community; however, we can enjoy our community without passing judgments on the morality of character, motive or actions of individuals.

Feminism and Gender Inequality

The two concerns Lindemann raised against feminism included the following. First, Lindemann wrote that many individuals perceive feminism as a movement with the focus on making women social equal to men. According to Lindemann, such notion is defective since it creates problems by treating men and women in abstraction. Additionally, from the definition, men are considered a standard that women will use to measure themselves. Second, Lindemann argues that people should perceive feminism based on gender. What people should consider entails the lesser degree of power women possess compared to men. Feminism concerns with the existence of power distinction between men and women. With gender, we can understand how one should behave through various channels.

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