Exercise and Health

Health and Sedentary Lifestyles

Health in contemporary days has been a matter of interest, as many no longer regard the conventional ways of caring for their bodies. Life is far too happy with the increase of technology that encourages sedentary lifestyles.

Impact of Modern Habits

People travel everywhere they go, and they no longer see the pleasure of cycling. House duties are conducted using equipment such as washing machines for laundry, dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners for their floors to name just a handful. Physical sports are best seen on TVs or the internet as something people transform but never get involved in. Additionally, the rise in the cost of living has caused many to take up two or more jobs or even work late hours having no time to work out and remain fit.

Consequences of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Acknowledging that our bodies are like machines that need maintenance will go a long way in making people engage themselves more physically. Looking at the modern times, it is sad that obesity is one of the leading causes of death. If it does not kill it leaves its victims with lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol to say the least. Exercise is an essential element for acquiring good health and shape, and physical fitness goes a long way in keeping individuals in top shape not only in the flesh but also mentally with an overall amazing feeling of wellness.

Importance of Regular Exercise

Exercise is a miracle cure that everyone should engage in as regularly as possible. With the growing laxity of participating in various activities, people's health deteriorates rapidly. Scientifically, physical activities remain a great assistance in leading a happier healthier life regardless of people's age.

Types of Physical Activities

Individuals who have high levels of activity in their day-to-day lives are known to lower their risk of acquiring chronic diseases. Consequently, chronic illnesses are predators of people who neglect the issues concerning their health. Various physical activities can help in the maintenance of fitness and general well-being (Dennis 25). For instance, incorporating work out in everyday activities is easy, from doing housework, to riding a bicycle to work, or even just ordinary manual work. Recreational activities such as dancing and playing are a good way to remain active and still enjoy. Sports are major for physical fitness of high quality, and some of the activities range from swimming to competitive sports such as football or rugby. Joining a gym for fitness training is the best way to ensure consistent training with maximum results.

Health Benefits of Exercise

The health benefits that come with exercising or just generally being physically active are numerous and at times controversial. Physically active individuals have very slim chances of having a stroke this is because they keep their hearts racing. High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is a good type of cholesterol that is known to generate when one regularly engages in regular exercises (Neibauer 119). Also, HDL is known for its amazing ability to protect people from cardiovascular disease (Neibauer 119). The properties in the HDL are known to hinder the growth of the atheroma patches that are lumpy and develop in the arteries.

Prevention of Diseases

Heart disease and stroke are mainly as a result of high blood pressure, and people diagnosed with such conditions are advised to keep their bodies physically active toward regulating blood. Individuals who do not have high blood pressure can prevent it through regular exercises. Equally, lack of activities can result in type 2 diabetes especially if the person is overweight since the body will produce insulin because of the extra weight and fail to utilize it as required (Symptoms & Causes of Diabetes par. 6). In such a case, exercise remains the best way to avoid insulin resistance and keep a person healthy.

Additional Health Benefits

Prevention of Osteoporosis, otherwise known as bone thinning is preventable by exercising on a regular basis. Engaging the muscles to tug on a person's bones during workout stimulates the bone making cells, which strengthens the bones. Building healthy bones throughout an individual's lifetime ensures that the person remains strong enough in old age, such that the bones cannot break easily by then. Women who are active are at a lower risk of developing breast cancer. Anyone who is active is less likely to develop colorectal cancer, which refers to cancer of the colon that affects a person's bowel movements.

Mental and Social Benefits of Exercise

Keeping physically active reduces stress and aggravation while it boosts energy levels, self-esteem, and even better sleep. Through working out, the mind is put at ease, therefore, encouraging good mental health and helping boost social skills (Denoris 24). After all, people who exercise are more likely to engage well in social activities as opposed to the non-active people because they meet in fitness centers, parks, sports centers and clubs among other places that bring people together (Eurobarometer 19). Issues such as dementia or memory loss are highly improbable by exercising in a regular manner. As people age, they are more likely to lose balance and fall at the slightest of triggers. Therefore, flexibility, balance, and exercise remain important at reducing these risks. The ability to move freely is highly important for the older generation as it assists them in being self-dependent. Children should engage in physical activities under the watch of their caregivers as it lessens their chances of becoming obese, which will lead to diseases like diabetes. Physical activities for children help them to socialize with others, which also promotes their mental growth (William 123). Similarly, smokers who want to quit such a dangerous habit should engage in exercises to curb their urge of smoking and even assist in the process of nicotine withdrawal. The most common reason for many people to participate in activities is to lose weight. Burning fat is efficiently done and kept at bay through physical activities in partnership with a healthy diet.

Physical Activity at Different Ages

People usually ask how much physical training is proper for their particular age and even size. An active physical lifestyle for children as young as six years is of help in creating an excellent foundation for life. Parents should remain vigilant in encouraging their children to go out and play. Children who can walk with no assistance should stay active during the day for as long as 3 hours, to say the least (Rippe 108). Keeping them active helps in metabolism and burning calories that prevents children from developing conditions related to an inactive state. Equally, persons aged eighteen are in dire need of activity as this is a crucial period of growth and obesity usually develops at this point. Moderate exercise for such a time is beneficial; an hour of healthy activities that raise the heart beat rate goes a long way in maintaining a healthy weight (Rippe 108). Also, strength training exercises should be part of the routine at least twice or three times a week. When it comes to adults of 60 years and above they should aim to stay as active as the younger adults as it is never too late to receive the benefits of exercise.

Safety and Precautions

Some people argue that a lot of physical exercises is not safe especially for seniors. It is true that injuries are possible such as muscle sprains, but it should be of emphasis that right workout gear especially footwear is essential. Warming up before exercising is known to get your body ready for working out by relaxing any tense muscles beforehand. There have been cases where sudden death takes place during a physical workout. However, most times the victims of such accidents have an underlying cardiovascular disease that they have not been open about or aware of (Neibauer 120). By applying extra stress on their bodies, sudden death is likely to occur, but regular exercise is meant and known to strengthen the heart. The fracturing of bones is possible during endurance activities amongst athletes or even just ordinary people who are enthusiastic about working out.

Consulting with a Doctor

Individuals who have medical conditions should always seek the advice of their doctors before engaging in any physical activities. At times people do not know that they have a medical issue so seeking the attention of a physician is highly wise. A right amount of physical activity will come as a recommendation from the doctor for anyone with any medical complications.

Combating a Sedentary Lifestyle

The dangers of sedentary lifestyles are an increase in chances of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer. To combat the effect of non-active lifestyle for people who are busy may include walking instead of using a car for short distances. Additionally, taking breaks from the desk at work and stretching around, while using the stairs instead of the lift helps add physical activity on a daily basis. Finally, walking around while on the phone and avoiding watching television the whole day plays a significant role in keeping the body healthy.

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