Evaluation Reseacrh on Technology

Has technology made people lonelier?

When it comes to technology, a phrase like “Get connected” has frequently been used in the 21st century. Since science is developing at a faster rate, it has brought the digital world to persons fingertips. The current generation of people has been engrossed in the digital world on the grounds that they use their phones and other devices to join to the internet every second of their time. Some human beings argue that with the introduction of digital world especially social media it has brought people together. Contrary to the advantages that technology has brought it has affected people as well. Families, marriages, friendships have been affected due to technology advancement since people do not have time for each other, what they care about is technology. It is high time people should evaluate effects of technology even though it has advantages.

Some few weeks ago

I was going through YouTube; I came across a video of a small girl around eight years telling her teacher she wishes that she was a smartphone. The teacher asked her the reasons why she wished so; the girl told her teacher that her parents carry their smartphone everywhere they go. When they wake up in the morning, the first thing they do is check it the first thing in the morning when going to bed the last thing they do was to check their smartphone, and when they are in toilets or around the house they are glued to the smartphone, they do not have time for her. The video is emotional and touching; it depicts how technology has made children lonelier since parents do not have time for them.


It is true that technology has made people lonely since little time has been set aside for our friends and families. The use of technologies device should be checked. People should learn to balance and limit our time so that we use it in a useful manner.

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