Ethical Decision Making

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It is my duty as Chief Executive Officer to help workers achieve ethical decision-making skills. It is my responsibility. The first move will be to develop a cultural organization which promotes ethical decision-making. The culture is built by the moral code of conduct that the workers have access to. The codes of practice and the appropriate channels of communication for use in case of difficulty will be given to each employee with a hard and soft copy. Employees are expected to adopt and always treat themselves ethically. The second step would be outlining the various ways of handling unethical behavior. Employees should be made aware of the repercussions of unethical behavior so that they do not complain when they fall victims, and stern actions are taken (Ferrell and Friedrich 21). Besides, I would hold training sessions for all employees to ensure that they understand the ethical code of conduct. The training would also equip the employees with the skills necessary to make moral decisions. Also, I would appoint conflict resolution team which will assist employees in arriving at an amicable solution to ethical dilemmas. The team would be working with heads of department to ensure all employee concerns are addressed. As an emphasis, I would hire heads of departments, administrators, and supervisors who show commitment to promoting the ethical working environment. Non-compliant corporate executives would be relieved of their duties, and their place was taken by competent and ethically responsible employees. The mission, vision, goals, and objectives of the corporation would be aligned to promote ethical culture among employees (Lussier and Achua 41). Open forums and discussions between the management and employees will be held to address emerging ethical issues. The forums and debates will be dominated by the theme of employee behavioral change. Case studies will be used in the training session and forums to provide real-life scenarios of ethical challenges faced by employees and how they are handled. I will introduce reward system where employees who show consistent ethical behavior are rewarded. Further, I will promote an open environment where employees are social with their supervisors and provide hot-line to be used by employees in reporting any ethical abuses.

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