Energy Innovation Center Strategies

The Energy Innovation Centre and its Storage Strategies

The energy innovation Centre has one of the most successful storage stories. This non-profit organization has efficiently utilized the energy storage technologies that have made it manipulate the flows and ebbs in demand for power among the consumers. The company understands that people are usually in need of energy and the demand for electricity never ceases at some point of the year. Through a partnership with the private and public sector, the organization has developed excellent ways of energy storage and one noteworthy sustainable approach that I saw on their site was the ice storage strategy.

The Ice Storage Strategy

To sustain its energy conservation needs, the Energy Innovation Centre has opted to use ice storage because it remarkably reduces the impact of environmental cooling. Also, this strategy of cooling is very much affordable as compared to other cooling systems. I learned that the ice storage strategy works by storing the unused overnight ice so that it can be used during daytime.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Program

Another excellent sustainability strategy that I saw the Energy Innovation Centre using is a program they call Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The main goal of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program was to improve performance in important sectors of environmental and human health such as interior environmental quality, materials selection, energy efficiency, water savings, and maintainable site development. The building is aimed at offering sustainable energy solutions not only at the moment but for many years to come. There are so many adorable things about the building, but one that caught my eye was the 21st-century transit hub. This transit hub ensures there is enough space for parking bicycles, a space for public transit, and parking priorities are given to fuel-efficient and low-emitting vehicles.

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