Employees Impact by HR issues

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Essentials of human resource management focuses on the understanding of future managers of HR. This book includes everything that students need to gain a decent and wide-ranging understanding of human resources exercises at an organization, to help them understand and work more well with issues of human resources. The book supports general business learners and individuals that progress toward becoming managers rather than experts on human resources. Essentials of human resources management helps students to understand the sentences and procedures of human resources that are essential to the achievement of persons. Essentials of Managing Human Resources, covers everything required for learners to pick up a decent broad comprehension of Human Resource exercises in an organization, helps them take in the language of Human Resource, and to work with Human Resource issues in a more educated way (Stewart, Bohlander, Snell, Belcourt, & Peacock, 2016). The book helps general business learners and the individuals who progress toward becoming managers as opposed to Human Resource experts, Essentials of Managing Human Resources helps learners to comprehend the Human Resource phrasing, procedures, and frameworks that are indispensable to the accomplishment of individuals in organizations. Essentials of Managing Human Resources, covers everything required for learners to pick up a decent broad comprehension of Human Resource exercises in an organization and their part in managing people (Stewart, Bohlander, Snell, Belcourt, & Peacock, 2016).
The Issues
A few issues that have an impact on organizational employees have been highlighted such as employee rights, workers discipline and privacy for employees at the work place. In detail, employee rights refer to the ability of the employer to avail a safe, clean, peaceful and friendly surrounding for their workers while ensuring and guaranteeing satisfactory and high-quality services to the company’s clients and customers (Stewart, Bohlander, Snell, Belcourt, & Peacock, 2016). More so, it is the right of workers to abide to the binding contractual rules set in the employee- employer agreement. The employee should therefore be certain of the expected consequences if they act contrary to the stated regulations. Nevertheless, despite the worker’s eligibility to disciplinary actions, the worker has a right to just and fair actions to be taken. Additionally, the employee has the freedom of questioning​ the actions as well as provide defenses. However, despite the above mentioned freedoms, rights and responsibilities, the employee is not guaranteed the workability rights (Stewart, Bohlander, Snell, Belcourt, & Peacock, 2016).If they breach the binding contract the employer has a right to see them off if and only if the employer gives notice and justifiable grounds for laying off the worker.
Furthermore, unlike the general meaning of correcting a wrong, employability discipline is described as the act of improving poor performance of workers (Stewart, Bohlander, Snell, Belcourt, & Peacock, 2016). It incorporates company procedures such as etiquette and successive performance trainings to instill the necessary standards of performance and conduct into employees. The training is deemed to mould the worker’s attitudes and improve their knowledge and increase efficiency in their respective dockets at work. Before and disciplinary actions are taken, the employee has to undertake a performance and personality​ taste to enable the HR representative to identify and assign the most effective corrective measures. In so doing, the company is certain to correct and improve the performance of that specific worker. All forms of discrimination, be it sexual or racial, use of abusive or threatening language, drug abuse and aggressive behavior like fighting are just but a few of common behavioral problems (Stewart, Bohlander, Snell, Belcourt, & Peacock, 2016). Other unacceptable issues include; production and execution of substandard goods and services, negative attitudes and fraud accusations.
Lastly, employees have a right to private lives even at their work stations. Surveillance cameras should be used to monitor suspicious activities that can put the company at fraud risks. General conduct of the employees at work can also be monitored. However, the employee does not have a right to know what is going on in their employees’ life unless it affects productivity (Stewart, Bohlander, Snell, Belcourt, & Peacock, 2016). Alternatively, instead of monitoring employees using CCTVs, other Methods such as performance analysis can be applied.
The above explained reasons are only a few of the many issues affecting employees at work.

Stewart, E. B., Bohlander, G. W., Snell, S., Belcourt, M., & Peacock, M. (2016). Essentials of managing human resources.

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