emotional health is equally important as physical health

Guy Winch is correct when he says that emotional health is just as essential as physical health. Psychologists study behavior and brain processes to learn why people behave the way they do. There is a connection between conduct and the mind, which is better understood through the study of psychology (Nordqvist, 2015). As a result, emotional health is critical since it determines our judgment of personality, motivation, and intelligence.
Emotional anguish causes low self-esteem, which causes rejection, failure, and rage, among other things (Davidson, 2013). The emphasis in our society is mostly on physical health: the outer appearance. Physical health is visible that is, it is possible to differentiate between a healthy person and an unhealthy individual. On the other hand, emotional health is invisible, however; the damage caused by emotional health is visible. Some of the damages include loneliness, self-criticism and lack of self-worth. Guy Winch talks of the need of practicing emotional health to rid the mind of any negativity and promote the overall health of the mind which will reflect in our behavior and in our interactions (TED Talks, 2014).
Guy Winch suggestion is achievable and it is a viable option. Just like any other pain or health issue, emotional pain should be addressed and treated by interacting with the professionals such as psychologists. It is common for people to brush off emotional pain not knowing the physical damage it can cause to the affected individual (Vann, 2009). Psychologists are knowledgeable on how the mind influences behavior. People talk about emotional pain to the wrong audience mostly friends and family who advise the individual to ignore the pain, give it time or take up yoga classes. There is a connection between physical health and emotional health (FamilyDoctor.org, 2017). The undertaking can be interpreted as treating a symptom instead of treating an exact disease. Guy Winch option involves learning how to deal and cope with emotional pain and also to cultivate emotional health.

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