Education Turmoil in Afghanistan

The author of the essay notes that education is important for society because it helps clear up the problems of the community. According to the author, school status in Afghanistan has deteriorated and has contributed in a roundabout way to the wars witnessed in the country. The concern of the author is that the much has to be achieved to rectify the pitiable state of the education system in Afghanistan. Indeed, the Afghanis’ neighborhood suffers the repeated violence that is bringing down the country’s system of operation including education. Many youths and even children have grow to be part of the war instead of going to school. However, the hostilities problem in the country cannot be fully solved by education alone. Apparently, the poor state of education is a result of the wars while the destroyed school system is not the cause of the violence, but just a facilitator. The author has managed to raise specific concerns about the education system in Afghanistan but has failed to present a detailed probable solution for the challenges.

Privacy and Politics

The author of the piece presents points of discussions as far as privacy is concerned. The essay depicts privacy as a freedom that any person should be allowed to have. The writer talks about how modern communication technologies have affected the freedom of privacy. The effects are evident through acts such as stalking over the internet. The author’s argument is kind of interesting as it presents the politics side of the issue. Undeniably everyone has the right to privacy, but the government should be the watchdog over the exercise of the right. The technologies that challenge the freedom of privacy are, however, also important in enhancing modern freedoms of expression. This is a key point to note from the writer.

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