Drug Trafficking in the US-Mexican Border

Authorities' Wars Against Drug Trafficking Cartels

Authorities in both the United States and Mexico have conducted unsuccessful wars against drug trafficking cartels. Over the last decade, the US government has spent more than $2 billion to fight drug smuggling across the border. To avoid detection, the drug traffickers' group employs tunnels, catapults, cannons, ultra-light aircraft, and drones (Mccausland, Phil et al.)

Cartels' Influence and Business Deals

The cartels' influence and authority have grown in recent years as a result of the billions of dollars they make from illegal trafficking. These revenues are also used to conduct business with government officials. This is achieved through assassinations and bribing.

Increasing Power and Alliances of Drug Cartels

Over the last 10 years, the United States government has spent over $2 billion to fund this war in drug smuggling across the border. To pass the drugs through the border undetected, the drugs traffickers association use tunnels, catapults, cannon, Ultra-light Aircraft and drones (Mccausland, Phil et al.)

The cartels influence and power have increased over the last few years due to the billions of money they are making from the illegal trade. These profits are also used to deal with the government officials. This is achieved through assassinations and bribing.

Growth and Conflict Among Drug Cartels

Over the decades these drug cartels have been growing, forming new alliances, splitting and fighting one another in a bid to control the trade. Currently, the largest and most powerful groups are Sinaloa which was formerly led by "El Chapo", who was arrested in 2016 and extradited to the United States in 2017. Others are; Jalisco New Generation, Juarez, Gulf and Los Zetas.

Violence and Killings Related to Drug Trade

The drug traffickers have also been killing people who seem to interfere with their trade. Some of those who find themselves on the wrong side are; journalists, politicians and even innocent people who are suspected to be participating in this trade. Authorities in Mexico estimate that nearly 100,000 people have been eliminated in drug-related killings. More than 10,000 people have also gone missing never to be seen again.

Impact on the United States

According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, the drug traffickers from Mexico account for the most cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamines that are consumed in the US. These cartels also manufacture drugs such as synthetic opioids and Fentanyl, which are even more harmful than heroin. These drugs continue to harm US citizens (Lee, Brianna, and Danielle Renwick).

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