Drivers Dangerous Habits Nowadays

The Learn About: Unsafe Driving Habits

The learn about is going to look at the way most of the drivers today have some various very unsafe driving habits. Habit means the occurrence of an motion severally. There has been some laxity from the law enforcers thus most of the drivers are taking advantage. The dangerous habits are each observed with the personal vehicles drivers and the public automobile drivers. It is so bad because most of the people's life is usually out at risk. The rate of accidents in the nation has also been on the upward push because of the dangerous driver's habits.

Texting while Driving

The trouble of driver's texting while driving is a very common habit amongst the drivers. The texting while driving always causes loss of focus when driving. The nature of human beings revolves around the ability to concentrate on one activity at a time. One day I was in a public vehicle when the driver was texting with his wife. Suddenly, the wife wrote a heartbreaking message, and the driver lost focus to the extent of even driving out of the required lane. Texting while driving also leads to diminishing the ability of one to enjoy life. The driver who received a test message from his wife that was heartbreaking entered the wrong lane and automatically we had an accident. Though we were not hurt, him he lost his leg and became a cripple.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is anything that diverts the attention of the drive from the primary activity of driving. Distracted driving also leads to an accident. That is because the driver decides to shift from the main activity of driving. I can remember one of my close friends died in a car accident because of distracted driving. He was eating while driving. He tends to concentrate on the food so much thus he had an accident as he hit a tree and died on the spot. Distracted driving also makes the drivers miscalculate while driving. The miscalculation is brought about when people are distracted when driving. Instead of the person slowing down before reaching the bumps, he or she found herself accelerating the car.

Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

Aggressive Driving is also very common among the drivers. Aggressive driving and road rage leads to somebody being arrest by the law enforcers. I had a terrible experience when one day my father was arrested and had to pay a heavy fine because of aggressive driving. He was aggressively driving the car, and thus he never observed the traffic controls leading to his arrest. Road rage and aggressive driving moreover result in confusion among the drivers on the road. That is because the driver may fail to may be indicating things like an indicator when making a corner thus causing confusion.

Failure to Signal or Check Blind Spot

Failure to signal or check blind spot lead to unplanned deaths. That is because those blind spot always indicate that the place is dangerous. I lost two of my friends because of the simple mistake. They were driving, and they failed to see that the place was a blind spot. Without further ado, they entered into a ditch, and that was the end of them. Failure to signal brings confusion on the road. The confusion arises when the driver fails to signal another driver. The other driver will tend to try and escape so as to avoid accident thus causing confusion on the road.

In conclusion, I will say that all the dangerous driving habits a have serious bad results. However, all those effects of the dangerous driving habits result from drivers will. That means that the careless driving habits are easy to avoid.

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