Dr. Emerson’s decision

The decision of Dr. Emerson to enter the dental hygiene market suggests that he must also compete with rivals in the same area. Dr. Emerson met with his office manager after testing the computer system because of the drop in the number of patients in his office, and they found an issue with Jeanine. Therefore, the dental hygienist that Dr. Emerson is expected to fire is Jeanine.
Dr. Emerson was motivated to hire a skilled and qualified staff by the rigid competition of two new dental offices, so Jeanine was brought on board. According to other office staffs, Jeanine lacks proper office etiquette when handling with her patients. Therefore, the patients who attended her do not return to the office again that led to a decline in the number of patients in the long run. Lack of cheerfulness and the ability to show signs of friendliness from Jeanine makes patients complain because she scares them. Patients will go to a place where they are warmly welcomed and feel encouraged by the medical practitioner.
Also, a dental hygienist should be the role model for the society and patients, but this is contrary to Jeanine as she does not look well groomed at the office. Jeanine does not have time to prepare her hair properly in the morning due to the limited term she had in preparing after jogging. The smell of sweat and the bad appearance of the hair make the patients feel uncomfortable about her services. She also gets tired which in turn makes her unproductive at the workplace.
In conclusion, Dr. Emerson should consider firing Jeanine since the lack of etiquette and discipline at the workplace creates a bad first impression to the patients leading to decrease in attendance.

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