Different opinion about education

Education: A Fundamental Human Right

Regardless of what a segment of society today believes or depicts about education, I have a different perspective on education. I feel that education is a fundamental human right. I place a high priority on education. Education, in my opinion, opens eyes, builds character, and prepares society for what it takes to be innovative. It is not a secret that an educated society is one that is always progressing and full of innovation.

The Importance of a $3000 Education Scholarship

After sharing my thoughts on education, I'd like to emphasize that a $3000 education scholarship would be a huge advantage and benefit to me. It will be an avenue for me to pursue my education dream. It will cover a part of my tuition, and the other part will cover my educational research needs. I will like to emphasize that my desire for education is based on the apparent contributions of education to the society. Education has brought modernization, development, and technological advancement to our society. The importance of education is so prominent that the works of educational scholars such as Aristotle and Plato are still studied to date. While growing up, I made up my mind that I was going be a hero; and do something that will remain in the minds of people. I clearly see education as a great opportunity presented to attain this goal. Therefore a $3000 scholarship will point me in the direction of my dreams.

Education: The Bedrock of a Great Society

Education is essential, is it the bedrock on which the fabrics every great society is built. Education broadens the mind and makes a hero out of ordinary people. It important to point out at this juncture that a scholarship will aid my research and by such studies, I could make amazing discoveries that will contribute to the development of humanity. It is important to conclude by stating that $3000 scholarship will provide me an avenue fulfilling my dream of becoming an academic scholar while contributing to the development of the society.

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