Difference between Cats and Dogs

Cats vs Dogs: A Comparison

Cats, as nicely as dogs, are very common pets. However, they show significant variations that require owners to understand to have a healthy relationship with a pussycat or canine companion. One such difference arises regarding vitamin and diet. A noticeable difference is in how these two sorts of pets eat as well as the nutrients that every requires from the food they are provided.

Cats Are Obligated Eaters, Dogs Are Carnivorous

Cats are mainly obligated, meaning their eating regimen consists primarily of proteins to ensure survival and growth. Dogs, on the other hand, are carnivorous. However, they are additionally able to forage for their meal. This also means that they can devour and digest plants far better than their fellow tom cat species. It is possible for dogs to survive entirely on plants, where it is necessary.

Grooming Habits

Cats are known to keep very shrill claws, which remain sharp after every trimming since they are retractable and are usually hidden. In contrast, dogs are not able to hide theirs, and they are blunt as a result of wear and tear due to interaction with the earth.


Dogs are willing and ready to receive training and understand basic instructions fluidly. For example, it would take a short time for a dog to respond to a command such as "sit." Dogs are trained easily as their sole intention is to please the owner. Also, since dogs are pack members, the owner is part of the family, and this is why it is easy for the dog to take instructions (Selvaggio, 2014). It is hard to train cats, and a successful session requires a massive investment in terms of time and patience. One has to be dedicated to getting a cat to perform the same tricks a dog has mastered due to their inability to respond readily to instructions.

Toilet Habits

However, one area in which cats are good at is handling their waste. Cats that are provided with a well-kept litter box, they automatically understand where to deposit waste without the need for training. Dogs need a lot of drills for them to understand where they can or cannot deposit waste.

Mobility and Hunting Skills

Cats are fast runners and can jump and climb very quickly in an attempt to seek safety. They understand that being predators they can also be hunted and so their bodies can initiate fluid motion. Such a quick reflex is also the reason cats are excellent hunters. Unfortunately, dogs are not good climbers and rely on the other pack members when pursuing prey (Selvaggio, 2014). Unlike cats, dogs usually face their pursuers as they are not able to get away as quickly as cats. Also, dogs do well over long distances, which is why they can run over long distances. Cats sprint, and this enables them to exercise stealth while stalking prey while dogs rely on endurance to wear down prey.


It is not surprising that dogs are sociable compared to cats and have a preference for the crowd due to their pack mindset. Dogs can adapt to a change in their environment as long as they are in the company of other pack members (Selvaggio, 2014). Cats are quite solitary and have a strong attachment to territory compared to others within the same territory. However, cats are known to show large attachment to owners or fellow feline, and this makes them equally good companions, just like dogs.


Selvaggio, L. (2014). 5 Big Differences Between Cats and Dogs. Pet Guide. Retrieved 23 March 2017, from http://www.petguide.com/blog/cat/5-big-differences-between-cats-and-dogs/

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