Development of a leadership competency model in healthcare sector

Nurse Managers and their Impact

Nurse managers have the most direct impact in the healthcare sector, which is often required by families and patients during their healthcare experience. Because of the current dynamic and complicated healthcare contexts, proper care is guaranteed when nurses contribute optimally to their daily tasks, including but not limited to being agents of change in the environment in which they work (Anon, 2006). They will have ensured a bright future for the entire American healthcare system as a result of this. Reaching considerable success in the healthcare business necessitates the adoption of strong leadership skills such as motivation and leading by example (Sherman, Bishop, Eggenberger & Karden, 2007). It would provide a conducive environment that breeds safe and efficient delivery of services. Regarding my previous leadership experience, it has come to my knowledge that I possess both strength and weaknesses in various nurse management skills which are essential for better health care services. In this essay, I will, therefore, discuss both weaknesses and strengths regarding my nursing skills such as personal as well as professional accountability, career planning, my journey disciplines finally reflective practices skills. I will further discuss the various ways I will put my skills into practice in the advocacy of change and equally highlighting my leadership goal and giving an analysis of how I will implement it.

Strengths and Weakness of My Skills

Personal and Professional Accountability

These skills are categorized into four dimensions namely, personal growth, for example, education advancement, ethical practices such as those that support nursing standards, a professional involvement which comprises of membership and interacting with other professionals to enhance networking finally certification that involves specialty acknowledgment in my field (Anon, 2006). My performance in the skill mentioned above serves as my strength given that I am a competent individual in all the four sections. I have successfully managed to further my knowledge through nurse training and in the process networked with various professionals. From the training, certification got granted to me in appreciation of my skills. These have been in tandem with the ethical practice I have upheld as a nurse manager.

Career Planning

Regarding this skill, I can rate myself as a competent nurse manager. It is due to the well understanding my job roles, having the ambition to ensure a bright future of the American health care by coaching as well as motivating and leading health professional teams to deliver best services. By doing this, I will strategically position myself in the healthcare industry and become flexible in adapting to the future changes in the healthcare services due to its dynamic nature.

Personal Journey Strength and Weaknesses

Practicing this skill has served as a challenge to me more so in action leading. I have often found it difficult to apply my skills in solving some of the problems within the healthcare. My primary challenge has often been repulsive older staff than me who feel intimidated by my decisions. Since I haven’t served as a nurse manager for a long time, I would say I possess novice experience. It has led to I facing difficulties in the management of councils due to limited knowledge of nurse management. My reflective practice, therefore, gets characterized by incompetence. It has served as a great challenge towards my career as a nurse manager.

Despite having gotten faced with challenges in reflective practices, it is important to note that I have portrayed competence in some of the practices regarding referencing skills that pertain to reflective practices. For example, I have in my career upheld honesty, invested greatly in my quest for knowledge hence nurturing my intellectual capacity as well as self-emotions. I have equally portrayed expert skills in keeping commitments and abiding by them. Novice skills have gotten witnessed in areas such as the inability to perform efficiently in ambiguous environments, challenges to embrace diversity for example gender (Anon, 2006). I tend to believe the best nurses are feminine due to the natural caring concerns they often depict. Accepting diversity has made skeptical hence unable to hold multiple positions and to fail to subject each of them to judgment thus posing a challenge in discovering my potentials such as multitasking.

Leadership Goals and Implementation

Based on the leadership skills that I currently possess and which I rate myself as competent and expert for example career planning and personal accountability in conjunction with traits such as honesty and quest for adventure, I would strive for change in the healthcare sector. I would achieve this by training the junior staff on the ethical practices of the nursing profession and sharing the knowledge that I have learned in the various seminars that I got to attend. Being honest with them regarding their performance and encouragement to achieve better through ensuring that they understand their role correctly would motivate them towards effective service delivery.

My personal goal regarding leadership growth is to manage all my workload effectively. Since numerous responsibilities characterize my role as a nurse manager, I will learn the art of delegation as well as prioritizing and setting of realistic deadlines. These would not only help increase my sense of job satisfaction but also lead to high-quality delivery of services due to more time available to concentrate on projects that get classified as urgent and vital. Setting realistic deadlines will motivate to strive for excellence due to the belief that I can achieve them with ease.


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