Desiree's Baby by Kate Chopin

Desiree's Baby

Desiree's Baby is a short story written by Kate Chopin. It was first published in the magazine Vogue on 14th January 1893. It is the first of nineteen stories Chopin wrote for the magazine. It appeared in the "Character Studies" section under the title "The Father of Desiree's Baby". The story was later included in a short story collection called Bayou Fold.

Similarity between Desiree's baby and the quadroon boy

Chopin uses a number of ways to describe race in "Desiree's Baby," including the use of the word "quadroon," which refers to one-quarter black. The quadroon boy is the son of La Blanche, a slave woman. In "Desiree's Baby," she sees an image of a half-naked quadroon boy fanning a baby, and she realizes that the quadroon boy is not fully white.

Situational irony

The movie "Desiree's Baby" is a wonderful example of the use of situational irony. We all love a happy ending, but in this case, the ending is particularly ironic. We can see that the main conflict in the film is related to the baby's race because Armand, a black man who works on a plantation, blames Desiree for her baby's dark skin. However, this is not the only irony in the film.

Racial discrimination

Racial discrimination against Desiree's baby is an issue that touches on the issues of identity and heritage. In the months after the birth of the baby, his identity is questioned, especially after his mother, Desiree, notices traces of African ancestry in his blood. The discovery reinforces the idea that identity is a fluid concept and is dependent on one's perceptions of others and their own inherent qualities.

Madame Valmonde's view of L'Abri

Madame Valmonde's description of L'Abri is based on her view of the afterlife. She sees the L'Abri mansion as a place where the dead go to shelter in the afterlife. However, she calls it a "sad-looking place."


"Desiree's Baby" by Kate Chopin explores the issues of motherhood and marriage as two essential components of a woman's identity. As a result, the novel presents a story that focuses on the difficulties and disappointments that result from marriage and motherhood falling short of the ideal. In the novel, Desiree is in a state of bliss with her baby, but she is crushed when her husband leaves her.


In "Desiree's Baby," the themes of racism, miscegenation, and slavery are very present in the movie. The story is set during the nineteenth century when slavery was still very much a part of American society. It was legal in most states, and was particularly prevalent in the Southern states. Blacks were treated as property and subjected to brutal treatment. Their basic human rights were not protected, and they were forced to work for slave owners without pay or benefits.

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