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Ethics may be characterized as an agreed code of conduct for a particular community and its meaning cannot be widely accepted. The key purpose of this article is to quickly explore the concept of virtue ethics (Kant 5). As a consequence, in addressing the purpose of the paper, Kart’s theory will be applied, various conceptions of moral values will be established, and finally the applicability of ethics in relation to the Catholic leader during the catastrophic Mexico earthquake that fully shattered the nation to the core.theory Kant’s and the philosophy of virtue ethics.
Kant’s moral philosophy is based on the Categorical Imperative (CI) theory.The CI is Kant’s supreme principle of morality which categorizes actions and motives as either rational or irrational (Kant 23). The morality theory is established on three main building blocks which include ultraism, political and social theory. Utilitarianism is a philosophy which categorizes actions as either right or wrong depending on emotions they evoke in humans. An action is classified as right if it brings gladness. Happiness should be to both the performer of the act and the affected persons. Conferring to the theory, people have the duty to perform good will, which refers to the concept of duty which automatically and essentially obeys the concept of duty (Kant 25). Subsequently, the virtue of ethic in reference to Kant implies acting out of duty. Therefore, Kant’s ideas are based on the notion of duty, goodwill, and nature of imperatives. Kant does not approve of the irrational acts terming them as immoral. Instead, Kant insisted that a society should be founded social constructs that promote morality and free will (Kant 54) Difference between the Virtue Ethics, Divine command theory, Egoism and Moral relativism

Ethical egoism is based on the un-moralized account of self-interest (Curren 517). It holds the perspective that moral agents ought to pursue their self-interests. The Divine Command Theory view morality in the lenses of God’s command (Bara 67). Therefore, a person is deemed to be moral if they acknowledge and follow God’s commands otherwise held as immoral. Moreover, it asserts that social truthfulness is determined in comparison to God’s command (Mill 63). Virtue ethics differ from moral relativism in that the latter standardizes what is ethical regardless of an individual’s position or perspective. Moral relativism views morality as subjective to persons.Difference between Virtue and Vice

Virtue refers to the ability of a person to discern the difference between good and bad. Some of the examples include compassionate, kindness, loyalty, truthfulness and justice (Mill 63). Vice forms the exact opposite of virtue because it represents the immoral thoughts and behaviorism of a perrson and may include cruelty, greed, malice, and arrogance. Vice is acquired in stages in life making the possessor deviant in the society; however, they are deficiencies to a person making them unwanted and condemned in the community (Kucukuysal and Erhan 50).Pope Francis’ Virtuous Deeds

Pope Francis is the head of the Catholic Church and president of the Vatican. He leads members of the Catholic Church providing guidance and spiritual nourishment. The pope intervened in a recent situation of natural disaster to provide help to the suffering masses. Mexico in September was hard hit by an earthquake of 7.1 magnitudes leaving the victims in a devastating situation while others succumbed to the tragedy. The Pope donated up to $150,000 to fund relief efforts with priority on the worst hit areas. Furthermore, he interceded through prayers for the victims by praying for a successful rescue mission to mitigate the loss of lives of the affected people.Empathy and Compassion

Pope showed compassionate to the affected people of Mexico who were affected with the earthquake. He donated funds to alleviate the suffering. He also felt sorry for the sufferings including loss of lives and properties sharing in their grief (Curren 516).Generosity and charity

The concept refers to the act of giving and helping individuals who are experiencing a challenge or difficulties like an epidemic or a natural disaster wholeheartedly. Additionally, it may also refer to assist people with resources and commendable acts. Pope Francis showed generosity to the earthquake victims in Mexico by making a donation of $150,000; which was used to rescue and search for the victims who were trapped in the debris (Bara 67). He was not subjective to offer his assistance but only did it out of his conscious and moral virtue.Truthfulness to Christian belief

Truthfulness implies staying loyal to one’s beliefs and principles Christianity preaches love and care for people. Pope Francis showed love by being close and concerned about the suffering of people, praying for them and donating funds (Mill 63).Concussion

The paper examined Kant theory of virtue and ethics. Different perspectives and aspects of the theory were also reviewed. Different concepts enshrined in the theory were discussed in relation to molarity and ethics and how individual perceives between good and bad. Consequently, Kant’s theory was reviewed in respect to pope.

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