Defense for Bisclavret’s wife

Given the circumstances, Bisclavret’s wife was treated harshly. Her literal meaning led her to believe that her husband was cheating on her with another woman. While Bisclavret’s wife loved him, she was concerned that he was not leading a faithful life. Perhaps his communication system was ineffective because it allowed for erroneous perception. Aside from that, she was afraid of sharing a home with a beast. Furthermore, the wife had doubts about her husband’s frequent silence and also suspected he had a mistress. Her inquisitive nature compelled Bisclavret to reveal his lie, confirming her suspicions. She had every right to know where her husband vanished. Also, Bisclavret had no excuse to hide any information from the wife (ztevetevans). Evidently, even in the practical world, husbands have to inform their partners where they are. Furthermore, after work, partners tend to discuss their day to congratulate or comfort one another. As such, Bisclavret’s wife was playing her role of checking on the husband.

Bisclavret disappearance forced her spouse to remarry. She had every right to seek comfort and care from another knight who was more human. She feared the fact that Bisclavret could turn on her any moment and cause harm. What if she turned into a beast and ate her? How will she bear kids with a creature? Maybe these are some of the disturbing queries she was asking herself. Betraying Bisclavret appeared to be the best option that would benefit everyone. In that regard, Bisclavret would turn into a werewolf and his partner would move on and marry another knight who loved her. From a rational point, she had every reason to “betray” Bisclavret and marry another person (France). No person would prefer to live with a nonhuman spouse. Bisclavret’s wife actions are; therefore, justifiable given the nature of her husband’s behavior.

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