Crime in the USA

The two categories of crimes in the USA are part one offenses and part two offenses. Rape, murder, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson are the eight index crimes listed in Part 1 of the law. Crimes in Part 2 are typically less serious and there is frequently little to no information accessible. Vandalism, mistrust, drug law violations, and many other types of crime are included. (Barnett-Ryan et al., 2014). The document clarifies uniform crime reporting's purpose and the ways in which it aids in reducing crime in the United States of America. It is a program that is initiated in 1929 by the international association of chiefs of police so as to aid in providing a reliable and uniform statistics on crime in the United States of America. Therefore, in general, the program unites the towns, cities, states, nations, tribal, and the federal agencies that enforce the law so as to provide the perspective of crime across the entire nation. The agencies are participating in the collection of criminal data by the provision of a summary of information about crimes and arrest that the law enforcement knows much about them (Barnett-Ryan et al., 2014).

Service to the Criminal Justice System

The uniform crime reporting system classifies crimes into two distinct categories which are a crime against humanity some of which are robbery, murder, and aggravated assault and crimes against property such crimes include burglary, robbery, and fraud amongst much more. The UCR is a primary data source that helps the criminal justice system by routinely monitoring and categorizing the nature and degree of crime. The data from the report is used by crime data analyst to determine the nature and intensity of various law breaches and to obtain information about the law breakers. The information gathered is submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the form of monthly summary reports. The data is used by the FBI to fight against crime in the United States (Barnett-Ryan et al., 2014).


The Uniform Crime Reporting is the main source of accessing criminal information from all over the country. Data collected in the UCR is categorized into two the crime against humanity and those against property. The data is collected by all law enforcement agencies and is used to in the battle against crime.


Barnett-Ryan, C., Langton, L., & Planty, M. (2014). The nation’s two crime measures. US Department of Justice, Washington, DC.

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