Comparison of Black Lives Matter Protests and NFL Protests

Black Lives Matter movements (BLM) in America

Black Lives Matter movements (BLM) in America is associated with the constant push that is a result of black activism which can also be related to the NFL protests by African American players. The activities of BLM have raised the question of where the Black Lives Matter stand regarding the understanding of Civil Rights Movements(Sebastian). Civil rights movement were associated with protests that were based on the group demanding for equal opportunities in housing, employment, and education alongside the eradication of discrimination against the African American populations(Anderson). The actions are similar to the NFL and BLM protests where through actions, there is the demand for equality in the manner in which the police treat African Americans based on the spike in shootings and the right for due process.

Difference between BLM/ NFL Protests and the Civil Rights Movements

Despite the similarity in the BLM/ NFL protests to the civil rights movement, several factors provide a contrast. Civil Rights Movements were spread across the nation, and everyone was aware of the rights being championed by the group with a notable structure of leadership leading the charge(Anderson). However, the same does not apply to BLM and NFL protests where the actions are on a local level there is little awareness regarding the demonstrations. Additionally, the BLM and NFL protests differ from the Civil Rights Movements due to the lack of awareness on a national level(Perez) and the absence of a leadership structure and a notable figure leading the group like the case MLK in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movements.

Significance of the difference and Similarities

Yes, the similarities and difference are significant to me. The reasoning behind the choice is based on the effectiveness of the actions by the BLM and NFL protests. Civil rights movement were able to achieve goals such as the passage of fundamental laws based on the awareness and inclusion associated with the protests(Perez). The similarities are very significant since it lays the basis for the identification of a need for change in the society based on the rights of the people. The difference has a notable role since it can facilitate in predicting the ability of the BLM and NFL protests future growth (Perez) through inclusion and awareness.

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